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One of our primary goals at the LGBT+ Resource Center is to help make sure you have the most positive and inspirational experience possible on your journey to college success. Check out our 5 tips for getting started, and/or view our comprehensive FAQ section to learn more about what UCCS has to offer LGBT+ students. If you have additional questions, call or email to make an appointment at the LGBT+ Resource Center. We’re happy to help!

LGBT on Campus – Getting Started!
Here are 5 tips that can help make your college experience phenomenal:

  1. Get Connected! College is a chance to meet new people, learn new things and make lifelong friends. At UCCS, there are a myriad of opportunities to get and stay connected with other LGBT+ students, and students who share your interests. UCCS presently has two LGBT+ student groups, SPECTRUM and the Queer Student Union. The LGBT+ Resource Center also offers an LGBT Mentors Program, and there are plenty of other groups and clubs on campus in which you might be interested. In addition to LGBT+-specific resources on campus, you might also want to check out MOSAIC, WEST, the Matrix Center, and LGBT+ resources in Colorado Springs.

  2. Check Out Campus Amenities & Student Life! UCCS offers amazing opportunities for learning, recreation, connecting with others, and even on-campus housing. If you’re thinking of staying on campus, make an appointment to speak with the Director of Housing. There are plenty of places to do homework or just relax, and the campus offers lots of fun ways to blow off steam. Be sure to check out Housing, the Campus Recreation Center, Office of Student Activities, and the University Center to find out what you can look forward to here on campus.

  3. Locate Student Services! The staff and faculty at UCCS are dedicated to your success. Visit with the campus Health Center, the Counseling Center and/or the Advising Center to find out what services are available. All facilities have leaders who participate in the Chancellor’s LGBT+ Task Force, and are cognizant of challenges that can sometimes face LGBT+ students. Click here for a complete list of student services at UCCS.

  4. Get Involved! Join a club, lead a club, participate on student government, or become an intern at the LGBT+ Resource Center. There are plenty of opportunities to participate in something meaningful at UCCS, and the LGBT+ Resource Center can be a gateway to getting involved. Participating in extracurricular activities is fun, and can help open doors that will help you through college and beyond. Contact the LGBT+ Resource Center or the Office of Student Activities today to talk about what interests you.

  5. Stay on Track! Sometimes life can be challenging. Work, school, family, playing – all of these things can add up and distract you from your ultimate goal of earning your degree(s). Fortunately, there are many resources available to help you succeed. Be sure to connect with Financial Aid, if you need assistance, or speak with your academic advisor. You might also want to connect with the Office of First Year Experience, if you’ve not already done so. If you’re not sure where to turn, come by the LGBT+ Resource Center, and we can help point you in the right direction.


20 QUESTIONS – Helpful FAQ’s for LGBT Students at UCCS

  1. I ‘m not out yet, but I’m hoping to get connected with resources and others while I’m in school. Where should I begin?
    Check out our coming out pages, and if you’d like, try setting up a meeting with the leader of one of the LGBT+ student groups.

  2. Is there faculty or someone I can talk to if I have a problem?
    You can always chat with your advisor or someone at the counseling office if you encounter any problems while on campus. We also recommend signing up for our LGBT+ Mentors program, which can be helpful in getting you connected with the best resources. Of course, you can always call or stop by the LGBT+ Resource Center for more information.

  3. Where can I go to access services?
    Check here for a listing of services. If you need additional assistance, call or stop by the Resource Center, and we’ll help you find what you’re seeking.

  4. Are there LGBT+ groups?
    Presently, there are two GLBT student groups: SPECTRUM and Queer Student Union. There are also several other groups that support LGBT+ students. Click here for a complete listing of student groups and clubs.

  5. Is there an LGBT Resource Center?
    Yes! The LGBT+ Resource Center is a project developed in partnership between UCCS’s MOSAIC Office, and Pikes Peak Gay & Lesbian Community Center, Colorado Springs’ GLBT Pride Center. The LGBT+ Resource Center is located in the MOSAIC Office, 110 University Center.

  6. Are there nondiscrimination policies in place?
    In 2007, the State of Colorado added “sexual orientation” to the state’s employment nondiscrimination laws. Sexual orientation in state law is defined to include heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender status. In 2008, the State of Colorado added “sexual orientation” to the state’s housing and public accommodations nondiscrimination laws with SB200. This covers colleges, and again, sexual orientation in state law is defined to include heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender status. The UCCS administration is presently working with the Regents to add sexual orientation and gender identity to the college’s policies on nondiscrimination and inclusion.

  7. What’s the overall climate for LGBT students?
    UCCS received 2.5 out of 5 from Campus Pride, but with the implementation of the new Chancellor’s LGBT Task Force, and the LGBT+ Resource Center, we’re dedicated to achieving 5 stars!

  8. Is there a formal LGBT+ or Queer Studies Program?
    Yes. Check out the Matrix Center and WEST to learn more about LGBT+ and Queer Studies programming available at UCCS.

  9. Are there out LGBT+ leaders on campus?
    Yes! UCCS is fortunate to have several out faculty members and in 2009, the student body elected an openly-gay president and vice president to the Student Government Associate (SGA).

  10. Are there LGBT+ resources in the library?
    Yes. In fact, UCCS has more than 355 LGBT+ related titles at the Kraemer Family Library.

  11. I’m new to the city – What can I find out about LGBT+ Colorado Springs?
    Colorado Springs has a vibrant LGBT+ community, complete with a Pride Center, LGBT+ clubs and organizations, and a youth program. Check out links to Colorado Springs’ LGBT+ community here.

  12. Is there a mentorship program for LGBT+ students?
    Yes. The LGBT+ Resource Center has a mentorship program specifically designed for incoming LGBT+ students. Email us to find out how you can enroll.  (Note: this program is in development beginning Fall 2009)

  13. I’m not sure if I’m LGBT+, can I talk to someone?
    Absolutely. You can speak with someone at the counseling center for a more professional setting, or you’re welcome to stop by the LGBTRC to speak with someone in a peer-based setting. We also encourage you to visit our coming out pages on the LGBTRC site. You can also call our Help-Line at 719.255.7527 or drop by during our drop-in hours.

  14. I have LGBT+ friends, but I’m not LGBT+ myself. How can I connect and be supportive?
    Thanks for being an ally! Check out our Allies Resource page.

  15. Can I have LGBT+ or LGBT+ friendly roommates?
    Click here for more information about housing on campus. If you need additional information, contact Ralph Giese. As the Director of Housing, Ralph is a member of the LGBT+ Task Force, and can work to ensure you have a positive experience during your campus stay. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the LGBTRC. 
  16. Is student health knowledgeable about LGBT+ issues?
    Click here for more information about the Health Center. Members of the Student Health Center participate on the Chancellor’s LGBT+ Task Force, and have continually worked to provide both LGBT+ friendly and LGBT+ competent care. If you have additional questions, please contact the LGBTRC.

  17. Are the campus police LGBT+ friendly?
    Campus police leaders are members of the LGBT+ Task Force and are aware of specific issues that affect the LGBT+ community. Further, campus police have often worked to ensure the safety of students at LGBT+ campus events. Click here to learn more about public safety at UCCS.

  18. What kind of scholarships are available to LGBT+ students?
    The Alexander Foundation provides scholarships to LGBT+ Students in Colorado, and the Point Foundation provides scholarships to LGBT+ students across the country, and has a comprehensive list of other grants and scholarship opportunities that may be available. HRC also has a large list of leads that may be useful. We also recommend searching for scholarships specific to your field of interest, which may include LGBT and non-LGBT+ specific opportunities.

  19. I’m concerned about financial aid…what can I do?
    Financial Aid can be challenging to navigate, especially if you are having troubles getting information from your parent or guardian. Contact the financial aid department for more information, or if you are having additional challenges, make an appointment to speak with the Program Director at the LGBTRC.

  20. What if I have a question that wasn’t answered here?
    Call our help-line at 719.255-7527, email us at, or drop-in during our drop-in hours.

Last Updated: 11/22/2011