Private Music Lessons: MUS 1500-1

Now Registering for Spring 2014 (January 21-May 17, 2014)

UCCS music majors are required to complete credit hours of private music lessons as part of the music major. Registration for these lessons is done through the Extended Studies Program in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Sections of MUS 1500 are offered in every academic term.

Every registration in a section of MUS 1500 earns one (1) credit hour, and costs $705. Financial Aid may be used - contact your financial aid counselor before you register if you have questions or concerns. If Financial Aid is not used, the tuition amount will be added to your total tuition bill and you will be required to pay it by the Spring 2014 tuition due date - February 5, 2014. If you are registering after February 5, 2014 for Spring 2014, your tuition is due as soon as the balance posts in your online account (usually the same day or within 24 hours of registration). Students may register for more than one section of MUS 1500 during a given term, as long as the registrations are with different instructors and different instruments.

The Extended Studies Program will pay your instructor for you. You must arrange with your instructor to complete ten (10) hours of lesson time over the course of the term. You and your instructor may set a schedule that is most convenient for both of you. At the conclusion of the term, your instructor will post your grade onto your UCCS transcript.


  1. Review the list of private music instructors at the VAPA People Page (scroll down to the "Private Lesson Instructors" section). Contact an instructor from this list and set a schedule for the upcoming term.
  2. E-mail the LAS Extended Studies Office at to request the class number for your instructor's section. Include your name, UCCS Student ID, the name of the instructor and the instrument. These sections are not viewable on the course schedule online, so you cannot register until you request the class number.
  3. Login to your myUCCS student portal online and register as you would for a regular course, except that you will use the class number instead of the course search (see the "Extended Studies Registration Information" page at the Campus-Wide Extended Studies web site - see the fourth bullet point).
  4. Make your tuition payment according to the instructions above.
  5. If you need to withdraw, you may do so in your online account. If the system will not allow you to complete the drop, it is because the census period for the course has passed (for Fall 2013, it's September 12, 2013). In this case, contact LAS Extended Studies to request a paper withdrawal form.