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Learn a foreign language and earn credit from
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Globelink Foreign Language Center
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These courses are offered by Globelink Foreign Language Center for credit through the Extended Studies Program at UCCS. All courses earn university credit and are held at the Globelink FLC offices. Languages available in this program include: Korean, Portuguese, Farsi, Dari, Italian, Kurdish, Pashto, Polish, Romanian, Swahili, Vietnamese and many others. Chinese, Arabic and Japanese may be available in certain circumstances. Students may take up to four (4) semesters of credit at the lower-division level. Each semester earns four (4) credit hours, with a tuition of $1600 per semester (this is the price for one-on-one instruction; groups of students who enroll and can attend class together will be eligible to pay UCCS' Colorado resident rate of tuition, currently at $268 per credit hour, minus COF, or $1072 per semester).

To inquire, contact LAS Extended Studies at (719) 255-4071 or