Online Course Development Stipends


You may apply for extra remuneration to develop an online course in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences. The course must be comparable in depth and breadth to a 16-week classroom-based course, and must be equivalent in terms of course objectives, topical coverage, and course assignments and assessments. The course must conform with the LAS Online Course Design Checklist, as described below.

In exchange for your extra work in developing your course, you will receive a stipend in the amount of:

  • $3,000 for a single developer
  • $2,000 per developer for a team-developed course with two developers
  • $1,000 per developer for a team-developed course with up to four developers

Remuneration will be paid in two installments. The first payment will occur upon approval of your course proposal, at the start of the semester in which you intend to develop the course, and the second payment will occur upon approval of the completed course. You may elect to receive this either as additional pay (minus taxes) or as a professional development fund.

You may also apply for an additional fund of $2,000 for purchasing a computer, software, or course-related hardware (such as a microphone, headset, or webcam). The purchased computer, software, and hardware are the property of the University of Colorado and are for your exclusive use so long as you remain a member of the faculty.


Any full- or part-time faculty member in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences is eligible to apply.

Proposal Guidelines

Whether or not you are new to online teaching, given the complexity of designing quality online courses, you are urged in the strongest possible terms to attend the informational workshops offered through the Faculty Resource Center, to work closely with Faculty Resource Center staff in formulating your proposal, and to complete the Teaching Online Certificate Program prior to or during the development of your course.

Your proposal will consist of the following items:

  • A letter of intent, describing the course, how it meets the programmatic needs of your department, how it aligns with the missions of the College and UCCS, your experience teaching online or your plans for professional development, and the timeframe over which you plan to develop and teach the course
  • A course syllabus, outlining course objectives, policies, content, activities, assignments, and assessments
  • A letter from your chair commenting on the importance of the course to the curriculum, whether within or outside the department or college, how often and to how many students the course will be offered, and his or her evaluation of your preparedness for teaching online
  • If you are requesting funds for a computer, hardware, or software, you must include an itemized budget with your proposal; you are encouraged to work with the Faculty Resource Center or the IT Help Desk to define specifications for these purchases in order to be both cost effective and appropriate for your needs

Between the letter of intent and the syllabus, you must address the items in the LAS Online Course Design Checklist, using as resources the LAS Online Course Design Guidelines and the staff of the Faculty Resource Center.

  • LAS Online Course Design Guidelines: This is a fairly detailed and thorough list of guidelines and best practices for online courses. Not everything in this document needs to be implemented; rather it will serve to give you some ideas you might consider in developing your course.
  • LAS Online Course Design Checklist: This is the checklist the LAS Online Teaching Committee will use in evaluating your course proposal. Again, not every item needs to be incorporated, but the more boxes that can be checked off, the better. The checklist is modeled after the Quality Matters™ Rubric Standards.

Application Process

Proposals should be submitted electronically to the Chair of the LAS Online Teaching Committee. The Committee will review your proposal, and if it is approved will recommend it for funding to the Associate Dean of the College. The Associate Dean will then ask you to sign a letter of agreement before transferring funds to your department.

Application Deadline

There is no set deadline for application, but you should submit your proposal during the semester prior to that in which you intend to develop the course.

Completed Course

In order to receive the second installment of the stipend, your completed course will be submitted to the LAS Online Teaching Committee for review. (In this process, a copy of your Blackboard course will be created, and the members of the Committee will be enrolled in it in order to carry out this review.) The specific evaluation requirements are set forth in the LAS Online Course Design Checklist. Upon approval, the Chair of the LAS Online Teaching Committee will recommend to the Associate Dean that final payment be made. Should the Committee require revision to the course, you must revise it to the satisfaction of the Committee prior to approval.

The College recommends, again in the strongest possible terms that, after teaching your course for at least one semester, you submit the course to a Quality Matters™ review. This program is designed to help ensure that online courses meet the highest standards of quality for student engagement and interaction. Please contact the Faculty Resource Center for more information.


David Anderson, Chair of the LAS Online Teaching Committee:
Rex Welshon, Associate Dean of LAS:
UCCS Faculty Resource Center:,