Staff Development

Definition of Staff Development

Staff development is meant to mean a complete program designed to aid a staff member in his or her work. This aid can come in the form of workshops, fomal and informal mentoring, group discussions (e.g.; brown bag luncheons) and informative documents. When workshops are offered, the emphasis will usually be placed on small-group or individual training. Whether you are a classified staff or PESA (professional exempt), you can avail yourself to these services

How will Staff Development be accomplished in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences? Answer: There exist many different organizations within the University of Colorado at Colorado Spings which have expertise in improving the professional lives of our staff. The intent of the Letters Arts and Sciences Staff Development Program, and this web site, is to bring together these various available resources with the staff who want and need them. This method of staff development is being called the "Sharing Expertise, Enrichment and Development", or, SEED Program. Emphasis will be placed on delivering these resources to individuals and/or small groups rather than college-wide or campus-wide programs, as it has been found that small group (or individual) interactions have more of an effect and are more attractive to the faculty.

Specifically, this web site will act as:

1) A clearing house for upcoming events sponsored by other organizations on campus. You will find these posted under the "Upcoming Events" button.

2) A link to other established offices at UCCS who are focused on various aspects of staff development. This includes programs and web sites. Look under the "Other Resources" button on the left.

3) A repository for various electronic documents related to staff status Click "Documents" to see these.

4) A bulletin board for the occasional staff development workshop or other offering that is being generated by this office. Click under "SEED Program" for upcoming events.

Whether you attend one of the above events or would like to help present such an event, get involved; plant a SEED by either taking advantage of one of our programs or by helping out in the planning or delivery of a program.