Faculty Definitions


The title of lecturer is granted to a scholar hired by the University to teach on a course-by-course basis. Lecturers normally should possess the same qualifications of a ranked faculty member. The lecturer title may also be granted to a person of high repute in a field related to an academic discipline and/or to a person with professional experience relevant to an academic discipline. While not members of the Senate, they are represented on the system-wide Faculty Counci and, at the discretion of individual campus Faculty Assemblies, may be represented on the campus Assembly. There is no contract or guarantee of renewal.

Definitions of the Three Main Teaching Ranks in LAS

Tenure-Track Professor

A tenure-track professor is a full-time faculty member with membership in the University Faculty Senate.

In LAS, the typical teaching load for a tenure-track professor is 3-2, meaning that an equivelent of three 3-credit courses is taught one semester and two 3-credit courses are taught a second semester in any one year.

Tenure-track professors are expected to engage in professional teaching, scholarship and University and public service. And, if approved by the department and the Dean, a fourth category, professional practice, may be added. For details on these expectations and how they are evaluated, see the Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure document approved by the University, the Faculty Senate and the Regents in 2009.

The three teaching ranks within the professoriate in LAS are (1) Assistant Professor, (2) Associate Professor and (3) Full Professor (or, also called simply "Professor"). Under normal conditions, an Assistant Professor is untenured and tenure is granted simultaneously with promotion to Associate Professor at the end of the Assistant Professors' seventh year. The University rules concerning these ranks and promotion and tenure can be found in the Faculty Handbook which can be found at: https://www.cu.edu/content/faculty-handbook


Instructors are hired with an at-will contract with the University which is typically renewable from year to year. The usual full-time teaching load for an instructor is a 4-4, which is generally interpreted as teaching four three credit courses per semester. Half-time instructors will usually be assigned half of that teaching load.

Half-time, or more, instructors are members of the Senate.

By regents' regulations, instructors do not have research expectations.

Many instructors are engaged in service and/or professional development