College Policies and Procedures

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LAS College Policies and Procedures (Revised 2011)


This is a policy and guidelines handbook for the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (LAS) at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). Included here are LAS-specific policies, procedures, guidelines, and protocols. This handbook is organized by topic. Links to Regent Laws, Regent Policies, Administrative Policy Statements, and campus-wide policies are included within the relevant section or subsections. If there is an LAS-specific policy, procedure, guideline, or protocol, it is stated in the relevant section or subsection.


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The contents are as follows:




SECTION 0: General Introduction


SECTION 1: Personnel Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines


Recruitment of Faculty

Faculty Recruitment and Hiring

Prioritization of Faculty Hires

Tenure Track Faculty Recruitment

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Recruitment

Research Faculty Recruitment

Employment Assistance for Dual Career Couples

Conflict of Interest and Nepotism

Credit Towards Tenure

Appointment of Faculty and Letters of Offer

Reappointment, Promotion, Tenure, and Review

The Annual Review Process / Merit Evaluation

Merit Evaluation for Split Appointments

Merit Evaluation for Faculty on Non-Sabbatical Leaves

Evaluation of Department Chairs and Program Directors

Promotion and Tenure

The Post Tenure Review

Promotion from Instructor to Senior Instructor

Faculty Absence

Honorary Leaves

Leaves to Teach on Another Campus

Non-Traditional Leaves

Sabbatical Assignments

Faculty Retirement

Phased Retirement Programs for Faculty

Emeritus Faculty

Gifts, Consultative Services, Sponsored Research, ICR, and Fee for Service Contracts

Consultative Services and Gifts

Sponsored Research

Indirect Cost Return

Fee for Services Contracts

Conflict of Interest

Other Policies

Affirmative Action

Opportunity Hire Program

Compensation Guidelines

Differentiated Workload

Faculty Salary Grievances

Political Participation by Members of the University Community

Sexual Harassment


SECTION 2: Academic Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines


New Degrees, Certificates, Course proposals, Course Eliminations, and Changes to Existing Courses

Proposing a New Degree to the College

Proposing a New Certificate to the College

Proposing a New Course to the College

Eliminating Courses

Adding a Section of an Existing Course or a New Class to the Schedule

Canceling or Changing a Course

Academic Student Policies and Procedures

Adding and Dropping Courses During the Semester

Withdrawing and Retro-Withdrawing from the Semester

Late Drops

Pass/Fail Registration

Academic Bankruptcy

Uniform Grading

Grade Disputes

LAS Honors

LAS College Honors

LAS Departmental Honors

Standards of Conduct, Non-Academic

Standards of Conduct, Academic: The Academic Honor Code

Cheating and Academic Misconduct Procedures

Student Rights to Privacy of Education Records


SECTION 3: Fiscal Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines


Fiscal Management Roles and Responsibilities

Fiscal Misconduct

Reporting Fiscal Misconduct

Sensitive Expenditures and After-the-Fact Purchases

Alcoholic Beverages Purchased for University Events

Business Expense Reimbursement, Payment Voucher Authorization, and Travel Authorization and Expenses


SECTION 4: LAS Committees


Budget Committee

Planning Committee

Chairs and Directors Committee

Committee on Academic Progress

Curriculum and Requirements (C&R) Committee

Dean's Review Committee

Research Committee

Salary Merit Grievance Committee

Teaching Committee