LAS Centers





Biotechnology Center

The mission of the Biotechnology Center is to advance local biotechnology enterprises by supporting collaborative research endeavors. Current research projects utilize techniques of molecular genetics, biochemistry and fluorescence microscopy.

Tom Wolkow


OC B403

Center for Cognitive Archeology

The mission of the Center for Cognitive Archaeology (CCA) is to provide graduate and undergraduate students at University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) and throughout the world the opportunity to study the evolutionary development of cognition in humans and other primates through the lenses of psychology, anthropology, and philosophy.

Tom Wynn


CENT 122

Center for Economic Education

The Center for Economic Education engages in programs and activities designed to raise the general level of economic understanding, with special emphasis given to K-12 school teachers and school districts in Colorado, including international economics study tour travel opportunities for teachers. The Center also conducts additional economic and financial literacy education programs in Colorado and in other partner countries.  

John Brock


DH 259

Center for Innovations in Biophysics

The mission of the Center is to provide a state-of-the art platform for cutting-edge research and development in the areas of biophysics, energy research, and advanced optical materials and technologies, provide research opportunities for scholars and the academic community, and maintain educational programs at all levels of training, including for K-12 students, pre-service and in-service teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and active professionals.

Anatoliy Glushchenko


ENG 210

Center for Legal Studies

The Legal Studies Center coordinates the pre-law minor and organizes programs and events for students considering a legal career.

Raphael Sassower


COH 1003

Center for Magnetism & Magnetic Nanostructures

The Center for Magnetism and Magnetic Nanostructures does both fundamental and applied research in the general field of magnetism and magnetic materials. Specific topics include:  signal processing in the 10-100 GHz range using magnetic materials, development of new magnetic materials, on-wafer magnetic inductors, and magnetic nanoparticles and their use in biotechnology, drug delivery, and microwave devices.

Robert Camley


ENG 208

Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life

The Center for Religious Diversity and Public Life aims to foster a healthy and fruitful relationship between the university and the surrounding community as it concerns religious issues and public life.  The Center neither aligns itself with any political ideology or religion, but provides a needed platform for faculty, students, guest speakers, pastors, community leaders, and citizens to engage in scholarly efforts, open dialogue, and future action.

Jeff Scholes


COH 2031

Colorado Center for Policy Studies

The Colorado Center for Policy Studies applies economic principles and research results to critical policy issues such as economic development, education, and tax structures.  Faculty with expertise in a variety of areas, along with some of our best students, conduct applied research and provide advice and information to state and local governments and nonprofit organizations.

Daphne Greenwood


DH 255

CU Aging Center

The CU Aging Center (CUAC) is a psychology training clinic and a nonprofit organization affiliated with the UCCS doctoral program in clinical psychology. CUAC provides professional training for UCCS psychology students and comprehensive psychological and wellness services for older adults and their families, as well as consultation to community agencies that assist them.

Michael Kenny


1436 N. Hancock

Matrix Center for the Advancement of Social Equity & Inclusion

The purpose of the Matrix Center is to examine the intersections of gender, race/ethnicity, and sexuality as they interact with each other and with other dimensions of privilege, oppression, and inequality. The Matrix Center offers workshops and training, both on and off campus, facilitated by national experts, authors, and educators involved in shaping the national discourse around diversity and contributing to the development of best practices.

Abby Ferber


COH 1025

Service-Learning Internship Community Engagement Center (SLICE)

The mission of the Service-Learning Internship and Community Engagement Center (SLICE) within the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (LAS) is to foster quality experiential learning opportunities for students, support faculty community-based outreach activities, and facilitate campus-community partnerships. SLICE develops mutually beneficial partnerships between students, faculty, and community organizations through enrollment in service-learning courses, internships, and community-based outreach activities.

Sandy Wurtele


COH 2025

UCCS Center of the University of Colorado Biofrontiers Institute

The UCCS Center of the University of Colorado Biofrontiers Institute (Biofrontiers-UCCS) is devoted to collaborations between scientists across disciplines to advance biotechnology. The initial focus of Biofrontiers-UCCS will be to do research at the border between biology and physics.

Robert Camley


ENG 208

Western Regional Radon Training Center

The Western Regional Radon Training Center, founded by the U.S. EPA, is charged with training, curriculum development and public outreach on matters concerning radon testing, radon mitigation and radon health effects. Appropriate classes are held at the UCCS campus periodically and at various locations around the western United States, including Tribal Lands.

James Burkhart


ENG 207