Mission, Vision & Values

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Mission Statement


The College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences (LAS) at the University of Colorado Springs Colorado Springs (UCCS) is a community of teaching scholars whose mission is to advance an understanding of the human condition and the natural world and communicate this understanding to the people of Colorado, and the world at large.


LAS affirms and accepts the ideal purposes and traditional goals of all great universities: the creation, interpretation, dissemination, and application of knowledge. LAS strives to maintain these goals while formulating and delivering innovative and creative programs. LAS provides collaborative programs that enrich the community, promote the creation of a vibrant and creative cultural life, strengthen and sustain a productive and responsible economic sector, facilitate the solution of community and regional problems, increase the safety, health and welfare of individuals and groups, sustain scientific and technological innovation, and enhance the understanding and practice of civic duty and responsibility.


LAS provides breadth of instruction for all students of the UCCS campus, including those in the professional schools and colleges. This breadth exposes all students to the challenge, excitement and demands of clear self-expression, analysis, reasoning, comparison, experimentation, and awareness of alternative perspectives. The College also provides depth in specific academic disciplines for majors within the college. This specialization is important not only for the skills, perspectives, and knowledge gained, but is also the key to success in subsequent education and careers.


LAS offers bachelor’s degrees in a full range of traditional liberal arts majors and minors, and selected graduate programs. We also offer certificate programs.


Vision Statement


We will position our graduates for success in their professional and personal lives through innovative and collaborative teaching, scholarship, and connections with the community and the broader world.


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UCCS Values of Excellence




We value students and never forget that students are our reason for being. We consider students and student outcomes in all the decisions we make. We provide a supportive environment in order to create lasting and significant educational experiences for every student.




We value integration of teaching with research and creative work. Scholarship enriches teaching and teaching enriches scholarship. We see these activities as interdependent, allowing for synergies that benefit students, faculty and all members of the university community.




We value innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are creative problem solvers in the classroom, in our research and in our campus operations. We are catalysts for economic, social and cultural change in our communities. We provide opportunities for our community members to develop the skills of innovation and creative expression.




We value collaboration and teamwork as absolutely necessary for success in today’s world. We model collaboration in our research, teaching, and campus operations. We actively seek opportunities to collaborate, build partnerships and engage with external organizations.




We value inclusive diversity as a foundation for teaching and scholarship that prepares students, faculty, staff and community members for both local and global multicultural realities. We provide an open, safe and supportive campus environment based on mutual respect, engagement and learning for everyone, including those from the full spectrum of backgrounds, social identities, abilities, cultures, perspectives and university roles.




We value dynamic growth while continuing to be financially responsible, academically sound and environmentally sustainable. We meet the future with energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to retaining a close, interconnected campus community.




We value integrity and expect ethical behavior from each member of the campus community in all interactions. We build an environment where we treat each other with respect and appreciate each other’s contributions.