Education Abroad


Are you interested in going abroad?
UCCS has a website which consolidates Study Abroad information campuswide.
First consider the following three types of opportunities abroad:

Study Trip to Madrid, Spain and San José, Costa Rica

International Field Courses

When participating in an international field course, you would go abroad with a group of peers and an instructor. Generally these types of programs last one month or less. An instructor from here leads the group and may teach the course(s). Some past UCCS opportunities include: 4 weeks in Madrid with Professor Steen (also going this summer), 3 weeks in Italy and Austria with Professor Hackman, 2 weeks in Mexico with Professor Harner, and 2 weeks in Guatemala with Professor Harner. Living arrangements vary from on campus to apartments and hotels to living with host families.

Study abroad programs

Have a look at CU Study Abroad,, and where you will find a plethora of summer, semester, and year-long programs to choose from. These programs vary greatly. With some, you will travel abroad with other participants and live on campus which with others you will travel alone and stay with a family.

If you need some help with financial aid, transfer credits, or the application process, please contact an advisor on the Boulder campus.