Karen Possehl Women's Endowment

Kim Warren - KPWE Scholar


Kim was born to two teenagers caught up in the hippie movement who freely explored the world of partying, drugs, and rock and roll. When Kim was in 8th grade, her mother left the family and Kim was left to raise herself with almost no help from her father.  After high school Kim became a born-again Christian and found healing and forgiveness in this experience.  After working through some concerning health issues that were resolved by changing her diet, she gained a passion for nutrition and the desire to share with others around her.  Kim's marriage ended after 12 years which left her at a crossroads decision of entering the workplace full-time or returning to school; Kim decided to go to school full-time and values the support she's been given to manage her financial responsibilities.  The road to graduation has been difficult for Kim as she has worked, volunteered, and continued to be a role model for her children the entire time. She is proud of her accomplishment of earning her degree in Health Care Science.