Karen Possehl Women's Endowment

Ingrid Henderson - KPWE Scholar


Ingrid is passionate about health and loving life.  She has two sons who inspire her to be her best.  Ingrid's journey through college has been incredible and has spanned over 13 years.  Originally, she wanted to be a high school English teacher and after volunteering for a year, she realized it was not the right fit for her talents.  Ingrid decided to pursue communication. One of her favorite things has been working for UCCS radio where she created and produced her own show.   Although she enjoyed college, there were a couple times she had to drop out and felt she may not return. Finances, health, and raising two children on her own was a lot to manage. When Ingrid came back to college this last time, she was honored to receive the KPWE scholarship, which has allowed her to continue to stay in school and graduate after all of these years. She is grateful to have had the mentorships and support throughout the last couple years, and truly believes it is what has enabled her to keep going when she wanted to give up.  Through the mentorship of the women in KPWE, she was encouraged to finish her education.  Ingrid plans to work hard at eliminating harmful GMO's from the food supply, and help integrate western and holistic medicine while with a goal of empowering people to heal their body, mind, and spirit and love life.  Ingrid has been a member of Mountain Lion Leadership Council for the last year and a half and Vice President for Students for Sensible Drug Policy.  She recently won Student of the Year in the Organizational Strategic Communication Department and is graduating with honors with high distinction.