Kanpsack on the Road
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The Knapsack Institute on the Road brings the KI, or our more limited workshops, to you. We work with Universities, K-12 schools, organizations and businesses.
Campus Knapsack Provisions
Because the workshop is flexible, we can tailor it to your specific needs:

On your campus, we will provide participants with:
* An intersectional conceptual framework for understanding concepts of oppression and privilege;
* A wide range of innovative teaching strategies that we have found successful, including:
- building an inclusive classroom,
- setting the stage on the first day of class,
- managing emotions and reactions in the classroom,
- dealing with resistance to change,
- empowering students toward positive growth in the classroom and beyond,
- and how to find support and resources for doing this challenging and often difficult work.
    K-12 and Non-Profit Organizations

    We have designed special Knapsack Institutes geared specifically toward K-12 educators and toward non-profit organizations. Each institute can be custom tailored to better suit each organization's needs.

    Stand-Alone Workshops
    We also offer the following stand-alone workshops:
    • Social Identities, Inequalities, and Building Inclusiveness
    • Transforming Ourselves to Become Culturally Inclusive Educators
    • Transforming the Curriculum
    • Minimizing Implicit Bias and Stereotype Threat
    • Minimizing Microaggressions (Subtle Forms of Exclusion) to Become an Agent of Change
    • Culturally Inclusive Leadership
    • Building an Inclusive Environment
    • Reframing Emotions
    • Dealing with Resistance to Equity
    • Using Mindfulness Practices to Become Culturally Inclusive
    • Advancing Social & Environmental Justice through Contemplative Practice

    Our workshops are flexible; we tailor them to meet your needs.
    To bring The Knapsack Institute or a workshop to your institution or organization, 
    please email:
    Dena R. Samuels,  Director of the Matrix Center, Co-Director of The Knapsack Institute, and Senior Diversity Consultant.
    dsamuels@uccs.edu or call (719)661-6544.