July 2012 IT Security and Help Desk Newsletter


July Security Topic - Policies

We will be providing a PDF of this article and future articles. These articles are provided the University of Colorado Office of Information Security. -  Policies

New Help Desk Website

With the help of the Web Services Department the Help Desk has spent the last couple months building a new site for the Help Desk.  The goal of the site is to seperate support information into areas based on your affilition with the universtiy.  The site will primarly be broken into areas dedicated to Faculty/Staff, Current Students and Incoming Students very simliar to what you see on the main UCCS webpage.  As Faculty and Staff you will only see information and services that pertain to you. 

The new website goes live on Monday, July 23rd.  Please note - if you have web pages that directly link to any Help Desk web pages, you will need to update those links.  If you have any trouble finding the new page please let us know. 

Below is a preview of the Faculty and Staff support page. 



All Department Email Addresses Moving To Exchange

Next Wednesday, July 25th all department email accounts will be moved over to the Exchange Email server.  If you are the owner of one of these accounts you have already received an email with details about the move.  If you have not read that email please take a minute to read it, as we do need to hear back from you on those emails. 

Keeping Campus Safe - The Numbers

Incoming spam and malicious emails kept out of your inbox in the past 30 days: 6,370,762 

Viruses and malware removed or quarantined automatically in the past month:  231  incidents

Software Update Notes

Microsoft July Updates - Please make sure you save your work before you head home tonight (7/10). The updates may cause your computer to reboot.

Mac July Updates - Be sure to update your Mac, click on the Apple icon in the top left corner and click on Software Update... be sure to install all updates.

Adobe July Updates - Be sure to update your Adobe products (6/8).

Latest Firefox version: 13.01

Latest Google Chrome Version: 20.0.1132.57