February 2013 IT Security and Help Desk Newsletter

Security Topic - Ethics

We will be providing a PDF of this article and future articles. These articles are provided the University of Colorado Office of Information Security. -   Ethics

Updates to Java

Java is a universal software application. It runs on Mac's, PC's and on Linux.  Over the past several weeks there have been several updates to Java due to security vulnerabilities.  These vulnerabilities are actively being exploited accross the internet and may be downloaded to your computer unless you are running the current version.  If you know you use a specific version of Java for an application that cannot be updated, please email itsecure@uccs.edu.  We would like to better understand what applications are being used with older versions of Java.  If you can update Java, the updater for Windows is located under your Control Panel --> Java --> Update --> Update Now.  The latest version of Java is 7 update 13 and 6 update 39.  You can also find out which version you have by going here: https://www.java.com/en/download/installed.jsp?detect=jre

iMac Hard Drive Replacements

If you use an iMac you may be eligable for a new Hard Drvie at not cost from Apple.  Apple is replacing Hard Drives on 21" and 27" iMacs purchased between December 2009 and July 2011.  Please use this link to check and see if your Hard Drive should be replaced.  If it needs to be replaced please contact us and we will assist you with the process.  

Microsoft Office 2013 Now Available

Office 2013 is now avaialbe for install on all University owned computers.  If you would like to try Office 2013 or have it installed on your computer please give us a call or email us at helpdesk@uccs to setup a time.  You can also stop by the Help Desk with your computer and we would be happy to install it immediatly.  This new version of Office only applies to Windows computers.  If you have a University owned Mac Office 2011 can be installed at no charge.  

All Podiums and Computer Labs will remain on Office 2010 for the duration of the Spring semester.  

Keeping Campus Safe - The Numbers

Incoming spam and malicious emails kept out of your inbox in the past 30 days: 3,744,734

Software Update Notes:

  • Microsoft February Updates - Please make sure you save your work before you head home tonight (2/12). The updates may cause your computer to reboot.
  • Mac February Updates - Be sure to update your Mac, click on the Apple icon in the top left corner and click on Software Update... be sure to install all updates.
  • Adobe February Updates - Be sure to update your Adobe products (2/12).  There are some critical patches to Flash and Shockwave that affect Windows, OSX and Linux that need to be installed.
  • Latest Firefox version: 18.0.2
  • Latest Google Chrome Version: 24.0.1312.57
  • Latest Java Version for Windows: 7 update 13 or 6 update 39