May 2012 IT Security and Help Desk Newsletter

May Security Topic - Protecting Your Passwords

We will be providing a PDF of this article and future articles. These articles are provided the University of Colorado Office of Information Security. -  Protecting Your Passwords

End of Fiscal Year Purchasing Assistance

The end of the Fiscal year is quickly approaching and around this time we see increase in the volume of IT related purchases.  IT is avaialbe to help you make those purchases, wether it is navigating Dell via the CU M@rketplace, picking the right Macbook or printer we can help.  If you need any assistance please email us at and a full time staff member will contact you and assit you with the purchase.

Most products do require shipping lead times, orders should be placed no later than June 8th to ensure arrival before June 30th.

We have also provided a list of recommendations on the following page:  2012-2013 Recommendations

Faculty and Staff Email Moves Complete Retirees and Generic/Exception Accounts Next

As of May 1st all Faculty and Staff have been moved to the new email system.  On May 16th all UCCS Retirees will be moved over.  We will also be moving all Generic/Exception Accounts to Exchange, be on the lookout for more emails regarding the details of these moves.

For Trainings, How To's and Configuration Instrucitons for Exchange please visith

Keeping Campus Safe - The Numbers

Incoming spam and malicious emails kept out of your inbox in the past 30 days: 6,910,912

Viruses and malware removed or quarantined automatically in the past month:  303 incidents

Software Update Notes

Microsoft May Updates - Please make sure you save your work before you head home tonight (5/8). The updates may cause your computer to reboot.

Mac May Updates - Be sure to update your Mac, click on the Apple icon in the top left corner and click on Software Update... be sure to install all updates.

Adobe May Updates - Be sure to update your Flash, this affects Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (5/4).  Other Adobe Professional products have also been updated today (5/8).

Latest Firefox version: 12.0

Latest Google Chrome Version: 18.0.1025.168