Monthly Newsletter

This is a new newsletter that will be going out the second Tuesday of each month to all faculty and staff.  I will be sending this out each month for 2 reasons.  First, to share with you cyber security information that will keep you and your data safe here on campus, but also you and your family’s data safe at home.  Second, to remind you that it is the second Tuesday of the month, which means updates to Windows computers will take place tonight and your computer may restart.

But regarding the second reason, this newsletter is not just for Windows users, this newsletter is for anyone that uses a computer or mobile device on campus or accesses University data from home.   Whether you are on a Mac or PC or an iPhone or an Android phone there are vulnerabilities for all computing platforms that you should be made aware of.  I hope this newsletter will help increase your awareness and understanding about what types of threats are out there and how we can stay safe not only with university data, but your own personal data.  Thanks for reading, and please if you have any questions about anything mentioned in the newsletter, please contact myself or the helpdesk.

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