Password Safety

Do not write your password down and keep it anywhere near your computer (e.g. under the keyboard, or on a sticky note attached to your screen or desk).  It would only take a few minutes for someone to come in, log in with your username and the password you have displayed, and they could do whatever they want to from your computer.  For example they could send an e-mail from you to your boss saying slanderous and offensive things, and you could never prove that it wasn’t you who sent it!  If you have trouble remembering your password(s), store them in a secure place that only you can access.

Do not ask your computer to save passwords for applications for you, such as encryption software.  If your computer were stolen, the thief could then enter that program automatically with the password that was stored, and gain access to any data you have stored.

Do not let anyone else know your password.  The one exception to this rule at UCCS is for IT personnel who you know work for UCCS and who will be rebuilding or repairing your computer.  After the repair is complete, you should change your password as soon as possible.