Established: Fall semester, 2000

Mission: Convene to analyze, report and recommend approaches and solutions for IT issues and problems. Formulate and update the IT Strategic plan as needed. Provide two-way communication between the ITAC and the UCCS community about IT issues.

Reporting: The ITAC reports and makes recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

Participants: The ITAC shall be comprised of the following:

  • One faculty representative from each of the colleges or schools at CU Colorado Springs
    • Engineering & Applied Sciences
    • Letters, Arts & Sciences
    • College of Business
    • Beth-El College of Nursing & Health Sciences
    • College of Education
    • Graduate School of Public Affairs
    • Library
  • One dean from the Dean's Council
  • The Director of Informational Technology,
  • The Director of the Faculty Resource Center
  • The Senior Faculty Associate for Information Technology (Chair of ITAC)
  • One representative from Student Success
  • One representative from the Excel centers
  • One representative from Finance and Administration
  • Two students selected/elected from Student Government
  • One representative from the Faculty Assembly
  • Two representatives from the greater Colorado Springs community
    • One from industry
    • One from K-12 education

All members have voting privileges. Members serve 3-year terms on the ITAC and there is no limit to the number of terms a member may hold.

Communication: In order for the ITAC to complete its mission, there must be full, two-way communication between the UCCS community and the ITAC. The ITAC needs any information pertaining to IT so that it can strategically plan and the UCCS community needs to know the recommendations of the ITAC as well. The Director of IT, the Senior Faculty Associate for IT and the VCAA are responsible for insuring that this communication takes place.

Meetings: The meetings are open to the campus. Each meeting shall include a discussion about the previous minutes as well as an open discussion period to consider IT events and issues across the campus. The minutes of each meeting will be sent via email to all members of the ITAC, the Chancellor, all Vice Chancellors, Deans, and Student Co-Executives. All pertinent documents, including the ITAC minutes, will be posted to the ITAC website.