Multimedia Lab

Kraemer Family Library Computing
Policies: Using the Multimedia Lab

  1. Do not change the hardware configuration.
  2. Headphones and Microphones are not available for checkout.
  3. Firewire devices such as cameras and storage devices are ok.
  4. Do not remove any equipment from any station.
  5. Bring your own storage media such as VHS tapes, CDs, CD-Rs, DVDRs, Mini DV Tapes. The InformationTechnologyDepartment will not give out any of these devices. These devices are available for purchase in the CU Colorado Springs Book Store.
  6. If you bring your own firewire storage device, also bring your own cables. The Information Technology Department will not supply any cables for these devices.
  7. Multimedia Projects created in the Multimedia Lab are for Academic Purposes only. Do not use the equipment for any commercial productions.
  8. Unauthorized duplication of copyrighted material is not allowed, nor will any staff assist in creating such
  9. Only Students, faculty and staff can use the multimedia lab. The lab will not be open to the outside general public.
  10. Pornographic displays and projects will not be tolerated.
  11. Assistance with the equipment/software in the Multimedia Lab is available, but limited. Anything that the advisors cannot assist with may be found in the reference binders in the lab.
  12. Appointments will be available in the future to help people work with certain applications.
  13. Please do not use the lab only for common applications that are available in the Open Lab. For example: surfing the Internet.
  14. Movie watching is not allowed in the Multimedia Lab. View media on DVD, VHS, DV, etc., for editing or capture purposes only. Use the VCRs in the Library Commons to watch videos.
  15. Our advisors can provide limited support based on our current support list. Our advisors will not give private lessons. The advisors also must give priority to the open lab customers.
  16. IT will provide both written and online documentation for the software. If users need massive amounts of time and help, Advisors will refer them to the documentation librarys.
  17. The policy for food is the same as the library. Having food is ok provided you keep it contained away from the machine and pick up after yourself.
  18. The Multimedia lab closes during normal library hours. If you have a project such as creating a CD or burning a DVD, allow yourself enough time to finish or pick up the completed project in the morning. But you have to leave when the library closes, NO EXCEPTIONS.
  19. Children are allowed in the Multimedia Lab, but they must be supervised by their parents and they are not allowed to use any computers themselves. Information Technology will ask parents to leave if their children become disruptive.
  20. Gaming and use of the machines as an intergrated gaming environment is not allowed.
  21. Do not take any equipment out of the multimedia lab.
  22. Do not install software on the systems.
  23. IT cannot guarantee disk space for your project. In fact, the machines will be frequently imaged. So the responsibility to store the project is the lab users. They can store on their NT accounts, CDs, DVds or other storage media that they provide.
  24. Training on multimedia applications will be available soon for students, faculty and staff. One-on-one custom training will not be available.