Lab Guidelines

Information Technology Lab Guidelines

All Information Technology Labs may be used by CU faculty, staff and students only.
Please be prepared to show your valid UCCS identification upon request.



  • Notice to Cell Phone Users: NO cell phone ringers - please have your phone on "vibrate" mode.
  • Cell phone conversations - please take your cell phone conversation outside the lab.
  • The atmosphere in the labs must be conducive to computer work. Activities such as games, loud or rude behavior, etc. are NOT allowed and could result in the loss of your lab privileges.
  • Use of University computing resources for non-University activities is prohibited.
  • Violating copyright laws is a federal offense. Copyrighted material may NOT be copied without proper written permission.
  • Pornographic displays WILL NOT be tolerated.
  • DO NOT download or install software onto these machines.
  • No food or drinks allowed near the computers. (Drinks MUST be in a closed container and on the floor!)
  • Animals are not allowed in the lab (with the exception of Seeing Eye Dogs.)
  • Children are NOT allowed in Columbine Hall Computing Labs. The Library, however, welcomes children {while they're accompanied by a parent or guardian.}


  • One of our experienced Information Technology Computing Student Assistants is available during posted hours, feel free to request assistance.
  • Please, print ONLY final copies!!! Notice: Once funds for paper run out, we won't be able to order more paper until the next semester, even if it's the middle of the semester!!
  • Using Print Preview will help us keep printing costs down. (While viewing your work, you can find errors and make corrections before you print.)
  • Please help us provide access for everyone to these resources, including our wheel chair patrons, by keeping the walkways clear of your belongings.
  • Use the lab phone ONLY for calls to Public Safety (ext. 3111) or for emergency phone calls.
  • Please remember to logoff when you finish using your NT account. If your account is used for anything inappropriate or illegal (whether you were at the computer or not), you will be held responsible.
  • When leaving the lab, please push your chair under the table and discard any recyclables or trash.
  • Please, be prepared to vacate at the lab's posted closing time.