Group Study Rooms

Group Study Rooms and parent child room
in the Kraemer Family Library

Group Study Room

The group study rooms of the El Pomar Information Commons contain two PCs each plus additional ports for laptop use. The five study rooms are located on the north side of the Kraemer Family Library on the second floor of the El Pomar Center near the Information Commons.

Two types of group study rooms are available. Five rooms with computers are located near the Computer Assistance Desk on the second floor. Check with the person at that desk for access to the computer group rooms. Group rooms without computers are available on both the second and third floors of the library. While the rooms cannot be reserved, those patrons working in groups have priority in using these rooms. An individual using the room may be asked to leave the room if it is needed by a group.

The computers in the group labs are networked to two printers in the information commons area: Kirk and Spock. Kirk and Spock are located in the center of the northern half of the lab near the Computer Assistance desk. Each computer has a label with its name on the front of it. The label has two parts to it: a name corresponding to one of the printers and a two digit number. The name part of the label will tell you which printer that the computer defaults to and the number allows us to identify each computer individually in case there are any problems. The study rooms are normally locked. If you would like to use one, ask one of the assistance to open one up for you. During the semester there may be times that all of the group study rooms are full. If this happens, anyone who is in a group room alone may be asked to leave. The study rooms cannot be reserved, they are available on a first come first serve basis.

For further assistance and/or questions, please visit the El Pomar Information Commons in person
or call us at 255-3422.

Group Study Room Policy


If the Group Study room is locked when not in use, ask an advisor at the Computer Assistance Desk to unlock the room for you.
Only students, staff or faculty at UCCS may use the group study rooms.
Groups of 2 or more have priority for group study rooms. Individuals may also use the study rooms, but will be asked to leave if a group (2 or more people) comes to use a room and there are no other available rooms.
Rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis. Study rooms may not be reserved in advance.


Do not take out any equipment from the study room; please leave the lab as you found it.
When you leave the room for any reason, please take all of your belongings with you. Do not leave any personal items unattended.
Do not leave children unattended in the Group Study Rooms. There is a parent /child study room (302) on the third floor of the Kramer Family Library.

The Parent Child Room

This room is located on the third floor, EPC Room 302. The play area is designed for young children. A VCR is located in this room and movies may be checked out through the Reserve desk. Parents with children always have priority in this room including use of the computer in this room. Children should not be left unsupervised in this area.