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Rate Card


The Department of Information Technology is composed of Computing Services, Media Services/CU-Net and Telecommunications. The fees listed are by department and are to be used as guidelines, not specific job quotes, and are subject to review and adjustment as deemed necessary by the department.

Information Technology
IT Help Desk (255-3536)

  • The IT Help Desk will make (“burn”) CD’s for the following purposes. The cost is $1.00 / CD.
    • Applications software purchased from Software Spectrum through the
      Microsoft Select contract. User must present an invoice from Software Spectrum.
    • CyberClass installation software.
    • Copies of a user’s files stored in their NT account. The user must certify that none of the files are copyrighted or provide permission to copy them.

Columbine Hall

There are seven computer classrooms in Columbine Hall: four classrooms are configured with the computers around the perimeter of the rooms and each holds 22 students. Three labs are set-up classroom style with capacities varying from 24 to 30 students. Each classroom is equipped with dvd/vcr players, pc’s, monitors, instructor podiums or desks, video/data projectors, and all are internet connected. Additional equipment available for check out by faculty from the Columbine Control Room (COH 215) includes 35mm projector, laser disk, pal vhs player, digital cameras, etc. Computer classrooms are available only for UCCS classes and for participants in conferences scheduled at UCCS through Conferencing Services.

Not for Profit For Profit

  • Computer Classroom $10/day/participant $20/day/participant
  • Operating System: Windows XP Professional
  • Applications: Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Power Point, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Word, Microsoft PhotoDraw 2000 V2; Macromedia Dreamweaver 4, Macromedia Fireworks 4, Macromedia FreeHand 10, Macromedia Generator 2, Adobe Photoshop 6.0; Internet Explorer; Tera Term Pro.
  • Student Staff Support $20/hour (one – 8 hours) $25/hour (over 8 hours)

IT Staff

  • Specialized Software
  • (reviewing and loading $65/hr (one – 8 hours)
  • (specialized software)* $75/hour (over 8 hours)

*Only UCCS IT staff may add software to lab images; any attempt to add software without permission from the IT department will rejected.

Requirements for IT consideration of specialized software:

1. Four weeks (30 days) notice of request in writing prior to event.
2. Proof of sufficient licenses to cover all participants using software.
3. Copy of software for review by IT staff at least 3 weeks prior to date
of use.
4. IT technical staff will respond w/in 5 working days of receipt of software so planning ahead is essential.

Additionally: Please be aware personal hardware may not work with our equipment. Always check with IT well in advance of use to confirm personal systems are set up appropriately to work with our network, projection equipment, printers, etc.

El Pomar Center – Room 239

EPC 239 is not available for general classroom use. This facility functions as an open lab for students with the exception of workshops and training provided by Kraemer Family Library faculty, Central Administration (ASP, Accounting, Personnel), and Information Technology software training. It is not available for regularly scheduled academic classes.

Networking Computers

IT will set up hubs for computers and printers to be used in conjunction with officially scheduled conferences. The University Center has facilities where computers may be installed but neither IT nor the University Center provides the equipment. Computer rental arrangements must be made through the University Center’s Conferencing Services (255-3471).

IT requires four weeks advance notice for this service. Installation fees are one-time only fees as follows:

  • Networking without internet access: $150
  • Networking with internet access: $200

Outside Vendors

  • Outside vendors may request a one-time only connect for: $125
  • Additional Network Connection Fee $360 for connections outside the standard setup (i.e., an extra printer or pc.)

A Word about Copyright:

All duplication requests must be accompanied by the appropriate form (available on IT web site) which addresses copyright ownership. Media Services will not reproduce audio or video tapes, cd’s, or vcd’s without proof of copyright ownership, or written permission from the copyright owner allowing specified duplication of his/her material. Owners of copyrights hold exclusive rights to the reproduction and distribution of their work, in whatever medium, unless it has been placed in the public domain. Therefore, unauthorized use, reproduction, and distribution of copyrighted works are illegal. Illegal use of copyrighted material may result in fines up to $100,000 per incident.

  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)
  • The TEACH Act



Fees are for one student employee with one camera for on-campus events only. One hour for set-up and break-down will be included for each event. Request must be submitted in writing at least four weeks prior to the event. Original media will be captured on a mini-dv tape using a Canon XL1 video camera; taping fee does not include editing. Included in the hourly fee is taping your event and transferring it to your selected tape format.

  • Videographer: $25/hour (one to eight hours)
  • $35/hour (over eight hours)


VHS Duplication:

  • VHS to VHS -- any length $10.00 each (includes tape)
  • All other formats: $10.00 each duplication fee plus tape stock

Media Basic Encoding Rates: Converting media to generic MPEG I format to produce VCD (video cd) or MPEG 2 to produce DVD. Maximum time for vcd is 80 minutes; dvd is 180 minutes. Fees also apply to audio cd conversions.

  • 0 – 30:00 minutes $23.75
  • 30:01 – 60:00 minutes $28.75
  • 60:01 – 120:00 minutes $38.75
  • 120:01 – 180:00 minutes $58.75
  • 180:01 – 240:00 minutes $69.75
  • 240:01 -- 360.00 minutes $79.75

Authoring VCD or DVD (plus Master) $20.00 each

CD Copies

  • 1 copy $ 6.70
  • 2 - 10 copies $ 3.20 each
  • 11 - 50 copies $ 2.45 each
  • 51 - 199 copies $ 2.25 each
  • 200 – 499 copies $ 2.10 each
  • 500 – 1K copies $ 1.90 each

These fees include the cd media and plastic jewel case.

  • Add printed tray card to jewel box – add $ .50 per insert printed on one side
  • Add a one-panel printed insert – add $ .50 (includes printing on one side)
  • Add a two-panel printed insert – add $ .65 (includes printing on both sides)
  • Add a four-panel printed insert – add $1.00 (includes printing on four surfaces)
  • No jewel case needed – deduct $ .30

Prices subject to change.

DVD Copies

  • 1 copy $20.00
  • 2 - 3 copies $15.00 each
  • 4 - 5 copies $14.50 each
  • 6 - 9 copies $10.50 each
  • 10 – 15 copies $ 8.75 each
  • 16 – 20 copies $ 8.25 each
  • 21 – 30 copies $ 7.50 each
  • 31 - 50 copies $ 7.25 each
  • 51 –100 copies $ 6.55 each

Standards / Conversions

NTSC to PAL (1/2” VHS Conversions – Includes Tape and Packaging)
1st Copy


  • 1 - 15 minutes $12.50
  • 16 – 30 minutes $12.75
  • 31 - 45 minutes $13.00
  • 46 – 80 minutes $13.50
  • 81 – 120 minutes $14.00
  • 121 – 160 minutes $17.00
  • 161 – 180 minutes $20.00
  • 181 – 240 minutes $25.00

El Pomar Studio

The day rate for the El Pomar Studio, EPC 106, includes the following for a standard 10-hour day. These rates are based on estimates received from local production houses and production facilities in the Denver metro area. These rates are subject to review and revision. Estimates are good for 60 days.

  • Production Studio (day rate) $2,000 - $3,000
    • Includes: 1 Producer/Director
    • 1 Audio Technician
    • 1 Lighting Technician
    • 1 CG Operator
    • 2 Camera Operators
    • 1 Teleprompter Operator
    • (Does NOT Include: Make-up Artist)
    • Technical Director
    • Tape Operator
    • Set or Set Design
    • Stage Manager
    • Pre- or Post (i.e., editing) Production Services


  • Avid Offline: w/editor $125/hour $1050/10 hour day (Plan on 1 hour raw video for 1 minute finished product)


  • Loading/Digitizing $70/hour
  • (Creative Design Not available)

VIDEOCONFERENCING (1 hour minimum)

IT Media Services has the capability to connect with sites around the world using state-of-the-art technology. Three ISDN lines allow incoming videoconference calls to connect directly with our site. Polycom videoconference equipment allows us to provide both H.320 and H.323 services to the campus and the Pikes Peak community. An extra charge of $50/hour will be assessed for non-business hour (8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.) events.

Fees include room fee and pre-conference signal test.

  • Incoming calls $150/hour
  • Outgoing calls $200 / hour plus line charges
  • Cancellation Fee $50.00(If cancelled within 24 hours of event.)
  • Catering and parking fees not included.


Media Services has two satellite dishes capable of receiving both C- and Ku- band broadcasts. Currently, down linked programs may be viewed in any of the EPC classrooms and in the studio in the El Pomar Center. Other receive sites are addressed on a case-by-case basis.
Fees for downlinking vary depending on the level of service provided. As a baseline, in-house clients can expect to pay a downlink fee of $50, and external organizations can expect their fees to start at $100/hour. Program license fees, materials duplication, mailing costs, parking, catering, etc. are the responsibility of the contracting department or company.


Currently there is not a public uplink in Southern Colorado.


CU-Net is the broadcast distance education component for UCCS. CU-Net courses are available in the Pikes Peak area on Adelphia, Channel 20. Course offerings vary from semester-to-semester and are at the discretion of each of the colleges of the University. Typically courses from the College of Education and the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences are offered. Students are encouraged to contact the extended studies coordinator for each of the colleges for a listing of planned courses and registration and tuition requirements. Students wishing to have their tuition covered by their financial aid need to provide the necessary supporting certification from their academic advisors to the financial aid office prior to the refund deadline.

Tuition fees for CU-Net courses are established by the providers and students need to contact the Extended Studies office for the appropriate college for tuition and fee information.

College of Education 255-4134
College of Letters, Arts and Sciences 255-4071

Media Services and CU-Net support courses offered between and among the four main University of Colorado campuses using the fiber link. Tuition is determined by each campus and students will pay the tuition established at the campus where they enroll. There is no extra technology charge to students enrolled in classes offered over the fiber system.

Phone: 719-255-3216
Fax: 719-255-3825

Phone Sets and Prices

Analog Sets

  • Single line w/message waiting lamp & flash $ 0
  • Single line speaker phone (with hold, transfer, $80
    mute, programmable speed dial buttons)

Digital Sets

  • FT12 12 button, no display $155
  • FT12D 12 button with display $300
  • FT12S 12 button with speaker $400
  • FT12DS 12 button with display and speaker $460
  • FT24DS 24 button with display and speaker $500

For more information on services offered by:

  • IT Help Desk contact 719-255-3536
  • Columbine Hall / Smart Classroom Support contact Andy Burkart 719-255-4291
  • Computing Services contact: Mike Belding 719-255-4288
  • Media Services / CU-Net contact Linda Aaker 719-255-3597
  • Telecommunications contact Chris Parsons 719-255-3216
  • El Pomar Computing contact Ernest Alfonso 719-255-3370