Cognos Help

We encourage consumers to contact Institutional Research to discuss reports needed for business processes and planning because we can develop and deliver reports to meet your needs.
Cognos is a web-based tool for accessing reports that a developer built. Cognos Production is available through the MyUCCS employee portal under Resources > Public Folders. If you cannot login to Public Folders through the portal, then you must submit a request for access by filling out the ISIS Access Request Form. Take the FERPA training course in Skillsoft before you submit the form. Once you have access to Public Folders (e.g. Cognos Production), please contact Institutional Research and we will help you navigate to our reports. 


   ISIS Access Request Form   
   Using the Reporting System
   Creating a Report View for Yourself
   Fix the Pop-Up Blocker (important!)
   Getting to Cognos (on and off campus)