Enrollment Databooks

The Databooks (below) include a variety of demographic and academic information for the last five years:

Fall Databook
Spring Databook

Fall Enrollment since 1965 (click to open file) 


     Student FTE & Residency

The FTE Report includes enrollment, credit hours, and FTE by Career and Residency.
Also see residency detail since 1993 for the fall terms.

     Credit Hours Taught

Fall Census by College and Subject
Spring Census by College and Subject
End of Term (all terms) by College and Subject
Fiscal Year with Course Level
Extended Studies Credit Hours
Credit Hours Taught by Faculty Type:
          Fall 2011
          Fall 2012 
          Fall 2013

     Financial Aid & Default Rates

Also see the UCCS Office of Financial Aid for further information.
Summary Reports:

Fall 2010 Students in Aid Year 2010-2011

Fall 2011 Undergrads in Aid Year 2011-2012
Fall 2012 Students in Aid Year 2012-2013
Fall 2013 Students in Aid Year 2013-2014
Student Loan Default Rates or online search tool (use OPE-ID 004509):
      2007-2009 (2 yr) 
      2008-2010 (2 yr)
      2009-2011 (2 yr)
      2009-2010 (3 yr)
2009-2011 (3 yr)

     Graduation Rates & Degrees Conferred

IPEDS Graduation Rates and IPEDS Graduation Rate Surveys
Expanded Graduation Rates: See Active College Portrait
Cumulative Graduation Rates by Year (from 4yrs to 10 yrs per Unofficial Cohort)
Conferrals by Term, College, and Academic Plan since Spring 2011

     Persistence & Retention

Freshmen Retention Rates Bar Chart since 1993
              Cohort Year:  2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013
              IPEDS Retention: Fall Enrollment Surveys