Faculty FRPA & Vivo

The Faculty Information System is an Oracle database system intended to track faculty appointments and career events. The integrated program includes several components:

FRPA Online. The Faculty Report of Professional Activities for all active UCCS faculty is available online.  The login is also reached by following the Faculty Reporting (FRPA) QuickLink from the Faculty/Staff Page. This program allows faculty to submit their curricular vitaes and professional activities.

FRPA Port. An access portal to FRPA data exclusively for campus administrators, deans, and department chairs. It allows administrators to receive, monitor progress, and aggregate FRPA data within their respective units.

FIS Main. This is the heart of the entire system which houses information about faculty personnel, appointments, events, tenure, degrees, awards, and research interests. Some of the information is supplied by PeopleSoft HR.

Vivo. Drawn from selected FRPA items, Vivo is an online directory of faculty profiles that emphasize research interests. The purpose is to boost collaboration among researchers while providing better visibility for prospective students, donors, and community partners.  It is currently available to individuals logged into the campus network with an expected release to the broader world wide web in 2014.

For assistance with FIS, please email frpahelp@uccs.edu. You may access FRPAOnline and Vivo UCCS here: