Snapshot of Current Census

Corresponds to CDHE FTE Report showing students and credit hours by Undergrad/Grad and Residency.
Also see residency detail since 1993 for the fall terms.
Open snapshot of current census


Fall 2012 Students Credit Hours
Undergrad Non-Resident 890 11,769
Undergrad Resident 7,272 91,801
Undergrad Unclassified 9 74
Undergrad TOTAL 8,171 103,644
Graduate Non-Resident 180 1,270
Graduate Resident 1,425 8,564
Graduate Unclassified 1 3
Graduate TOTAL 1,606 9,837
Total 9,777 113,481


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Student Enrollment

The Databooks (below) include the following information for main campus instruction at census and end-of-term: Career, College, Plan, Subplan, Student Level, Admit Type, Residency, Citizenship, Credit Load, Average GPA, Gender, Ethnicity, Average Age, Athletics, and Home State.

Fall Databook
Spring Databook

Fall Enrollment Bar Chart
Enrollment per Major
Gender and Ethnicity by Major

Financial Aid

Fall 2010 Students in Aid Year 2010-2011
Student Loan Default Rates (PDF) or online search tool (use OPE-ID 004509) 

Graduation & Persistence

Freshmen Retention Rates Bar Chart since 1993
          Detail Retention Reports:
                        Cohort Year:  2010 
                        Cohort Year:  2011
Graduation Rates
          Detail Graduation Reports: coming soon
Degrees Conferred per College
Degrees Conferred per Major
Degrees Conferred per Term
List of Approved Degree-Granting Programs

College & Course Credit Hours

Fall Census by College and Subject
Spring Census by College and Subject
End of Term (all terms) by College and Subject
Fiscal Year with Course Level
Extended Studies Credit Hours
Credit Hours Taught by Faculty Type:
          Fall 2011
          Fall 2012 coming soon

Additional Reports

A-Z List of Reports
Annual Diversity Reports (CU)
CDHE FTE Enrollment Summary
Grade Distributions
IPEDS Feedback Reports
Licensure Exam Pass Rates



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