Institutional Research

Enrollment & Credit Hours


Enrollment Databooks:

The Databooks include information at census and end-of-term, such as: College, Primary Plan, Student Level, Admit Type, Residency, Citizenship, Credit Load, Average GPA, Gender, Ethnicity, Average Age, Athletics, Home State, Military Affiliation, Pell, and First Generation Status. Click to open a Databook:


Fall Enrollment:

CU Annual Diversity Report
Fall Enrollment Chart since 1965 (click to open file)

Student FTE & Residency:

The FTE Report includes enrollment, credit hours, and FTE by Career and Residency.
Also see residency detail since 1993 for the fall terms.

Credit Hours Taught:

Fall Census by College and Subject
Spring Census by College and Subject
End of Term (all terms) by College and Subject
Fiscal Year with Course Level
Extended Studies Credit Hours
Credit Hours Taught by Faculty Type: Fall 2011 | Fall 2012 | Fall 2013 | Fall 2014