Certificate Lists

There are two kinds of certificates at UCCS: Gainful Employment Certificates and Course of Study Certificates. Gainful Employment Certificates are those intended as workforce training that meet the requirements of the Department of Education and are therefore eligible for financial aid. Course of Study Certificates are ineligible for aid and are exempt from the gainful employment regulations. Both types of certificates are non-degree programs. In order to build a certificate in ISIS, we ask that you complete the proposal and submit it to the Certificate Committee:

Gainful Employment Certificate or Course of Study Certificate
Proposal Form


Course of Study Certificates:

Unit Date Description* Status (UCCS) Plan Code Subplan Proposal Form Online?
EDUC 12/9/2011 Advanced Counseling endorsement NDEL-LICN ADC
ENGR 8/28/2012 Electric Drivetrain Technology course of study NDCS-COS EDT  proposal Y
CLAS 9/12/2012 Cognitive Archeology course of study NDCS-COS COS  proposal  





Gainful Employment Certificates: 

In 2011, the Department of Education issued new regulations pertaining to Gainful Employment programs. The regulations are posted to the Federal Register; the scope incorporates some UCCS certificate programs. For more information, please read a quick overview (from Institutional Research), go directly to the IFAP website for up-to-date information and to review all regulations and guidelines, or contact us directly if you have questions or concerns. All gainful employment certificates share a plan code of NDGE-CERN. 

 NOTE: Gainful Employment annual reporting is on hold until further notice from the U.S. Dept of Education.

Unit Date Description* Subplan Proposal Form CIP Online?
NURS 11/7/2011 Post Masters Nurse Practioner MNP proposal 51.3801 Y
NURS 12/2/2011 Post Masters Nursing Education NED proposal 51.9999 Y
NURS 1/19/2012 Medical Laboratory Science MLS proposal 51.1005
NURS 7/30/2012 Forensic Nursing FRN proposal 51.3808
NURS 7/30/2012 Disaster Public Health DPH proposal 51.2299
BUSN 11/11/2011 Marketing MKT proposal 52.1401 Y
BUSN 12/9/2011 Accounting ACC proposal 52.0301
BUSN 12/9/2011 Finance FIN proposal 52.0801 Y
BUSN 12/9/2011 Health Care Administration HCA proposal  52.9999 Y
BUSN 12/9/2011 Innovation Management IMG proposal 52.0210 Y
BUSN 12/9/2011 International Business INT proposal 52.1101
BUSN 12/9/2011 Management MGT proposal  52.0299 Y
BUSN 12/9/2011 Operations Management OPM proposal  52.0205
BUSN 12/9/2011 Project Management PRJ proposal  52.0211 Y
BUSN 12/9/2011 Service Management SER proposal  52.0207
BUSN 12/9/2011 Space Systems SPC proposal 52.1201 Y
BUSN 12/9/2011 MBA Foundations  denied
EDUC 12/2/2011 Teaching English as 2nd Language ESL proposal 13.1401
EDUC 12/2/2011 Instructional Technology EIT proposal 13.0301 Y
EDUC 12/2/2011 Early Literacy ELT proposal 13.1315 Y
PAFF 12/2/2011 Homeland Security denied draft  
PAFF 12/2/2011 Nonprofit Fund Development NFD proposal 52.0210 Y
PAFF 12/2/2011 Nonprofit Management NPM proposal 52.0206 Y
PAFF 12/9/2011 Homeland Defense HMD proposal 43.0301 Y
PAFF 12/9/2011 Security Intelligence SEC proposal 43.0112 Y
PAFF 12/9/2011 Public Management PBM proposal  44.0401 Y
PAFF 12/9/2011 Criminal Justice CRJ proposal  43.0103 Y
 CLAS 8/28/2012 Teaching Sociology** TSY  draft 45.9999
 CLAS 8/28/2012 Advanced Research Methods in Sociology** ARM  draft 45.9999
























**NDGE -CERN plan when stand-alone otherwise offered as a track within the Sociology MA.