How to participate

Jiangsu Visiting Faculty
This summer UCCS is hosting sixty faculty members from the Jiangsu Province in China for an eleven-week program. The program consists of the faculty members studying English in our Intensive English Program, participating in seminars and workshops through the College of Education, visiting local educational institutions, and going on sightseeing trips over the weekends. The goal of the program is for the faculty members to enhance their English language skills while simultaneously gaining knowledge of current educational pedagogy and the American higher education system.


How can I get involved?

 1)  Faculty-matching program: 

As part of their experience at UCCS, the Chinese faculty members also hope to observe some classes and meet with UCCS faculty once or twice during their stay. They are interested in learning more about the research that is being done in their fields and how the similar programs differ between countries. With that said, we are looking for faculty members that would be interested in meeting informally with these Chinese faculty members during their time at UCCS. This will be a wonderful opportunity for international collaboration and possible partnerships.

2) The 'A Day in American Life' activity: 

The faculty members also hope to be introduced to life in the United States. To this end, we have scheduled an event, A Day in American Life, for Saturday, 22 June. For this day, the Chinese faculty members will be matched with a UCCS faculty or staff member so that the visitors will be able to experience a typical Saturday in Colorado Springs. With that said we are currently looking for volunteers. You are not expected to take them on a sight-seeing excursion, as that is already a part of the 11-week program, but to allow them to join you on your typical Saturday activities. This can include going to Home Depot to pick up a few things, taking a hike on a favorite trail, or simply going to your home for lunch. The Chinese faculty members are truly interested in getting to know you, visiting an American home and seeing how you live day to day. The Office of International Affairs is looking for 30-40 volunteers who would be willing to spend one Saturday with one or two of the visiting Chinese faculty members.

 Jiangsu Visiting Faculty

If you are interested in either opportunity or have further questions,
please do not hesitate to contact Mary Hanson,
or 719-255-3218.