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School frontMilo International Kindergarten, established in 2000, is a high quality educational institution that provides an exciting and informative education for young children ranging from two to six years of age.

Officially recognized and approved by the Beijing Foreign Expert Bureau and the Guangzhou Education Bureau, Milo strives to provide a comfortable and stimulating learning environment for all of our children.

At present, we have three well equipped and spacious schools based in the Tianhe district of Guangzhou.

Main Objectives

  • To develop a learning interest in English itself through various activities and to stimulate the children’s imagination and creativity.
  • To motivate our children to use conversational English in their daily communication and introduce general knowledge through English which helps the children to understand some basic concepts.

Curriculum and program

Milo’s English curriculum is based on a three-level language course named Balloons which is published by Longman. The course is designed to introduce English through play. 

The main components of the program are as follows:

  • Children learn language through games and hands on activities.
  • Five step lesson plan: Warm up, presentation, practice, application and assessment.
  • Children practice songs, chants and conversations.
  • Children take home weekly homework books to review and practice new language learned.


All facilities are specially designed to create a stimulating and comfortable environment for all the children and to provide an excellent learning environment. In order to facilitate better communication between children and teachers, the number of children per class is limited to twenty. Milo deems it effective for the development of each child in all areas within their own ability.

Milo teachers use a varied range of teaching methods and activities to create interesting and informative lessons for our students.

Milo music roomMilo art roomMilo dining hallPlay area
  • Large audio/visual room that sometimes serves as a social hall for the children's special activities
  • Fully equipped art room
  • Spacious dining rooms
  • Hazard free playground