DGEV Programs

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  1. 3 Day/2 Night Program
  2. 5 Day/4 Night Program
  3. Business English for Adults
  4. Dream Step Program
  5. English as a Second Language (ESL) Program
  6. Kindergarten Program
  7. Teaching English in English (TEE)
  8. 5th Grader Program

3 Day/2 Night Program

This program is similar to the 5 Day/4 Night Program and provides English activities for elementary school children with higher English speaking proficiency levels.  These sessions are held during both the week days and weekends.

5 Day/4 Night Program (all teachers participate)

DGEV offers this English Experience Program on a regular basis. The 5 Day/4 Night program operates 32 weeks a year. Total class hours consist of approximately 15 hours of situational classes and 15 hours of intensive ESL classes.

Business English for Adults

Government and business officials as well as higher education students (including international students) are provided instruction in intensive and situational classroom settings which focus on the teaching of general Westernized business skills.

Dream Step Program

This program is similar to the 5 Day/4 Night Program and provides English activities, at no cost, to low-income elementary students that include core classes, interactive situational role playing, and  academic courses.  Video-based cyber instructional settings are also part of this highly intensive program.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program

The DGEV offers an ESL program for elementary school students.  This program is offered 2-4 weeks in duration. This program is in operation during the school holiday breaks (winter/summer). Participants will study a total of 30 hours per week. The curriculum consists of both intensive-class hours and situational-class hours.

Kindergarten Program

One-day field trips provide introductory English instruction with age-appropriate activities, including music and art.

Teaching English in English (TEE)

This course is offered during semester breaks for Korean teachers of English in Korean public schools. These class sessions focus on the improvement of the participants English speaking abilities as well as the ability to learn about American teaching methods that can be used in the teachers’ classrooms.

5th Grade Program

Fifth graders from the Dong-Gu district in Daegu and the rural Dalseong district come to the English village for our 5 day/4 night program. Along with their regular DGEV classes (i.e., situational classes such as Supermarket and Hospital, and classroom classes such as Nature and Geography), the students attend seven classes that have been planned to adapt to Korea's national curriculum for fifth grade education. The subjects featured as part of the program are English, Art, Music, Science, Social Studies, PE, and Math.