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Ronald Boatwright

Portrait of Ronald BoatwrightThe three Korean girls in the picture were three of my brightest students here at DGEV. I chose them to represent their class in a speech contest the Korean administration put together. They asked for volunteers from among the DGEV teachers and two other teachers and I volunteered. I cannot remember ever having a more rewarding task than working with these three girls writing their three speeches.

The girl on the right, Linda, won first prize in the speech competition. I was really proud of her, and of course just as proud of the other two girls. All three were lovely little girls. This is just one example of the joy I have experienced teaching Korean students ESL here at DGEV. In fact, in all the years I have traveled the world, working different contracts in different countries, I must say, without a doubt, that teaching here at DGEV, has been my most outstanding experience, and God willing, I will continue my journey here at DGEV for many years to come.

The Korean staff, the other teachers, and of course, the students, are marvelous. Korea is an amazing country for travel and tourism. Just think, just a mere 58 years ago, Korea was, literally, a devastated country, torn apart by war. Today, Korea ranks among the top contenders, for one of the best economies in the world. Korea and its people are simply amazing.

Suzanne Nikiel

Portrait of Suzanne NikielDaegu Gyeongbuk English Village has everything that you would love in an English school in South Korea: delightful children from ages 5 and up, adults from various private and public organizations, and Korean teachers who wish to learn more about teaching the English language. Set in a beautifully landscaped area, the school is spacious and accommodating.

DGEV is the perfect setting to teach, especially if one is new to the teaching profession, as I was. I have experienced a variety of students while enjoying a flexible curriculum, creative projects ranging from filming cyber classes to book editing, and a host of social activities like mountain hiking, temple stays, and music festivals. Teaching here is the best way to learn about the Korean culture from such a remarkable people.