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Alex Rezgui

Portrait of Alex RezguiMaking the decision to come to China was a good one.  I knew the opportunity to teach in another country would give me experience as a teacher, but most importantly it would allow me to discover a new culture and language.  I had never traveled to East Asia before and knew I wanted to experience something both exciting and challenging. Thus, UCCS offered the perfect opportunity for me to make this wish come true.

I came to China in October 2010 and am currently employed by Milo Kindergarten (a private and bilingual kindergarten for children 2-6 years old).  This year I teach five and six year olds.  They are a lot of work but a lot of fun as well.  So far it has been an enriching experience that has completely changed my life.  Indeed, my knowledge of the culture has grown tremendously and thus my outlook on life is now transformed forever. 

Teaching is most rewarding when a child improves his or her communication and understanding of English.  Hearing them make correct sentences at such a young age is truly wonderful.  The children are warm and loving making my day easy and bright.  There is never a class that is not filled with laughter.  Being a teacher gives me the chance to also be a student, which is what a person must be to adapt in a different country.  Indeed, I am amazed at what types of things I learn every day.

China is a great place for work. Not only are you able to live within your means, you are able to save money and travel in and outside the country without worry.

I’ve been in the city of Guangzhou for five months and I have come to love my job.  How many people can honestly say that?  In less than five months I knew that China is the place for me and that I’d be staying another year.  Because of that decision, I’ve signed up for an online TEFL so that I can learn more about what it is that I do.  I must say that I’m very happy here. I have good friends, places to go, things to do and not much to worry about.  I call that living the life.