Global Engagement Office


International Partnership Request Form

This set of guidelines, steps and procedures has been developed to assist academic departments and auxiliary units with establishing formal college, school or campus-level partnerships between UCCS and international institutions and/or organizations.

Common forms of International agreements at UCCS

Letter of Intention for Cooperation:

A Letter of Intention for Cooperation is a general, non-binding letter that expresses the interest of UCCS and a potential partner in cooperating in a variety of areas which may include academic program or research. Often times the Letter serves as an expression of good will and which later leads to a more specific and formal agreement. (sample template download)

International Exchange Agreements:

International Exchange Agreements are bilateral partnership agreements with a foreign university which define the parameters of exchange and allow students to study abroad for a semester or a year with a partner institution. These agreements commonly also allow for visiting and exchange faculty and staff and foster international goodwill and the sharing of ideas. An international exchange agreement typically involves an agreement with a partner, where UCCS makes a commitment of resources to engage in activities with international university students, faculty or other international organizations. They may include: degree programs offered abroad; articulation agreements; agreements for joint faculty research or exchange, or simply the exchange of students on a semester or year-long program basis. The international exchange agreement provides that comparable expenses are paid or waived by the foreign entity entering into the agreement. Comparable expenses may be provided in the form of matching tuition waivers at a foreign educational institution, provision of services, or a combination thereof. Decisions about the nature of comparable expenses, waivers, economic balances, and term and session length are determined on a case by case basis creating the most mutually beneficial relationship between the two institutions. (sample template download, open) (sample template download, one-for-one)

Education Abroad Agreements:

Education Abroad Agreements may involve student exchange, faculty-led programs or research activities. These may also involve affiliate agreements with third party program providers. At times these programs may involve investment of campus resources.

Program/Project Agreements:

Program/Project Agreements are traditionally detailed in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) which states the roles and responsibilities of UCCS and the partnering institution. Details may include scope of service or scope of project, budget, institutional contacts or program/project liaisons, payment information and all other relevant program/project details including necessary university resources. These agreements may be academic in nature, research driven, or to provide specific services. (campus-wide agreement sample download) (college-based agreement sample download)

University Resources are considered labor, materials or assets, both monetary and non-monetary, under the control and management of the University including University funds, facilities, office space, research materials, tools, databases, equipment, or the time or effort of University personnel. University assets include the University’s names or marks, and all University intellectual property, including copyrighted materials and resources.
The University of Colorado Colorado Springs values academic exchanges and programs with appropriate institutions of higher education in other countries as part of its mission to provide multicultural opportunities on campus and international experiences abroad for students and faculty. All international exchange agreements are to be reviewed by the appropriate campus offices including the Office of International Affairs which serves at the University’s repository of agreements, Legal Counsel, and signed by either the Chancellor or Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.<br/

Note: The Office of Sponsored Programs has central responsibility for proposal submission for sponsored research, scholarship and other activities at UCCS, and contractual compliance as it relates to sponsored activities.