Global Engagement Office

Programs & Partnerships

The Global Engagement Office (GEO)) proudly serves as a critical hub for the University’s international endeavors and furthering the Mission through a myriad of international activities. The UCCS-GEO welcomes and supports student, faculty, staff, and administration efforts to establish valuable collaborations that lead to strategic partnerships with international universities and organizations.

The team at the UCCS-GEO understands that becoming great international partners first requires becoming dedicated partners here at home. That being said we look forward to collaborating, advising, and facilitating discussions for our con-campus partners that seek strategic, mutually beneficial international partnerships. We believe that this website and its content will serve as a functional resource and set of tools to all Partnership Advocates (PAs) as you work to further internationalization efforts in your programs, departments, and colleges.

To our international friends and colleagues we welcome your inquiries regarding potential cooperation and partnering at