IAPP Focus Country: India

Progress Report, February 2013


  •  A UCCS International Academic Partnership Program (IAPP) Steering Committee was formed in September 2012. The committee is comprised of faculty and administrators across campus. It has met on three occasions and has also participated in three webinars with IAPP administrators based in New York.

  • The Steering Committee submitted a duly-completed Strategic Planning Worksheet to IAPP administrators in December 2012.

  • Dr. Fred Coolidge (Psychology Department, LAS) and Mr. Anthony Shull (Executive Director for International Affairs) participated in a very productive and informative IAPP India Cohort Study Tour hosted by the IIE in India from 2 to 8 February (for further details, please refer to the agenda and itinerary). Over a six-day period they participated inter alia in various seminars on the Indian higher education system, eight university/college visits, eight round tables with university/college administrators, and a ‘One Globe’ Conference (where topics discussed included internationalization, knowledge communities, and higher education funding). Please read the full IIE Press Release for further details.  Both UCCS participants are excited about the many areas of potential collaboration that arose during the trip and look forward to sharing their ideas with faculty and staff. A meeting of the UCCS IAPP Steering Committee will be convened in late February to discuss the visit report (click to read) and follow-up. 

  • UCCS is looking forward to the next step in the IAPP process, which will entail being assigned a mentor from India by IIE. The mentor’s role will be to assist UCCS in solidifying the UCCS approach to the India market, further developing goals, and assisting the Steering Committee in working towards prudent and effective partnership options.

  • Additional UCCS delegation trips to India, as follow-on, will take place in early 2014.

For further information regarding the 2012-2013 IAPP Focus Country: India, please contact Mr. Anthony Shull, Executive Director for International Affairs, 1-719/255-7528 or ashull@uccs.edu.

India Step WellIndia Dr. CoolidgeIndia Indraprastha CollegeIndia One Globe Conference

Study Tour photos (all taken by A. Shull):  Cultural visit to a Step Well (a World Heritage Site); Dr. Coolidge speaking to psychology students at Indraprastha College for Women, New Delhi: Indraprastha College; a panel discussion at the One Globe Conference, New Delhi.