Dr. Mike Kisley

Lab Director
Associate Professor Psychology
Mike Kisley

Andrea Rehmert

Doctoral Student, Clinical Track
Studying the neural correlates
of emotion regulation across the
lifespan. Currently working to
understand how different 
emotion regulation strategies are 
more or less effective for 
younger and older adults.

Laura Morgan

Masters student,
Psychological Science track.

Research interests include facial
attractiveness and attention.

Jennifer Poe

Jennifer Poe 

Master's Student, Psychological Science track
Research interests include Terror Management Theory and neural processing of emotional words.   

Elizabeth Farro

Research Assistant
Learning neurological research 
methods while helping with 
attention deployment studies. 
Primarily interested in the social 
implications and functional applications of the human
mirror neuron system.

Elizabeth Farro
Jim Hicks

Jim Hicks

Communications Assistant
Former Research Assistant

Isabel Davis
Masters Student, 
Psychological Science Track

Isabel Davis Laura Lathrop Laura Lathrop 

Honor's Student, 

Conducting a study of attention, 
emotion and adult attachment styles

Marissa Metz

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Not Picutred: Paige Nelson,
 Stefan Peterson.