Research Assistants

Our laboratory and our research depends on the contribution of bright, motivated, and hard-working undergraduate students that plan to eventually go to graduate school in psychological science and related fields. Although we occasionally hire students with work-study awards, most undergraduate students in the lab volunteer their time and/or receive academic course credit. The valuable hands-on experience gained in the lab has helped launch former students to PhD programs in Psychological Science, Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, as well as medical school and counseling programs. Typical duties for research assistants involve scheduling participants, performing laboratory data collection procedures (including multi-channel electrophysiological acquisition of brain electrical activity), and attending lab meetings periodically scheduled during the semester.

Many students that started by working as research assistants in the lab entered the Psychology Honor's program and conducted original research projects under the supervision of Dr. Kisley. Several of these projects have been published in peer-reviewed journals. 


If you're interested please email a statement of interested to Dr. Kisley at Also include a c.v. (academic resume) that includes a description of any relevant experience you've had and also your goals for graduate school. Be sure to provide your GPA (overall and psychology) too.  

We have relatively few research assistant positions available, and the demand from students wanting to work in the lab has historically been very high. If there are positions available when you apply we'll contact you for an interview. Otherwise we'll keep your application materials on file in case any future opportunities arise.  

Thanks for your interest!