Training - Supervisors of Classified Staff

As chair of the System Personnel Team, Chancellor Pamela Shockley-Zalabak recently announced the implementation of mandatory training for supervisors of classified staff. The training, which is comprised of three distinct courses-Successful Supervision in the Classified System: An Overview, Performance Management, and Sexual Harassment - is intended to assist supervisors by providing information and resources. Supervisors of one or more employees in the state classified personnel system will be required to complete the training by February 15, 2007, or within 90 days of assuming supervisory responsibilities. The state personnel system is only one of several different personnel systems in the university. However, it is one of the more complicated systems, and surveys have shown that the rules and procedures are not always understood by both employees and supervisors. In addition, the University needs to ensure that employees are provided a safe, effective, supportive and nondiscriminatory work environment. Thus, after careful consideration three courses were selected to cover the most critical areas of the work environment.

Program/Course Name
Preventing Sexual Harassment
It is imperative that supervisors receive training to ensure a work environment that is free from sexual harassment. Thus, the second required course is Sexual Harassment. Currently, this training is available on-line only and may be completed as detailed below. The training is accessed at SkillPort.
Performance Management
The third training course covers information about the performance management cycle including development of effective performance plans, providing effective feedback, and completing performance evaluations.

This training is available on-line only and is accessed through SkillPort.