Performance Evaluations - Due Dates

Classified Staff -

  • March 31st: Evaluation period ends for the plan year (April 1st - March 31st).

  • April 1st: The evaluation period begins (April 1st - March 31st).

  • April 15th: The original Performance Planning and Evaluation forms must be turned into the Human Resources Department by this date. Supervisors and employees should both keep copies of the final evaluations for their records. The Reviewer MUST review the evaluation before it is given to the employee.

  • May 1st: A new plan must be in place for all classified employees. Upon completion of the performance plans, departments should fill out the Performance Management Program - Department Certification Form (Annual). All classified staff for a department may be listed on the form. The form is then submitted to Melissa Lucero in Human Resources, no later than May 15th.

  • Throughout the Year: When a new classified employee or an existing employee's job class or supervisor changes, the Performance Management Program - Department Certification Form (Mid-Year) must be completed and received by HR no later than 30 days after the hire or reclassification of a classified employee.

  • See Performance Management Program - Classified Staff for more informaiton.

Exempt Professional Staff -

  • Supervisors are required to submit the Annual Performance Rating Form to Human Resources by April 30th.
    The supervisor’s supervisor should review the Rating Form before it is shared with the employee.

  • See Annual Performance Rating - Exempt Professionals for more information.

Faculty -