If you are a student employee, please refer to Student Employment for new hire procedures and paperwork.

If you are an off-site employer, please refer to Off-Site Employees for instructions.

On your first day of employment, your department will provide you with the New Employee Check-In Form. This list includes both supervisor and employee responsibilities. Your supervisor will send you to Human Resources, located in Cragmor Hall, room 110 (see map). You will need to bring the below items with you:

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Voided check or saving account deposit slip along with the Direct Depost Form Direct Deposit is mandatory for all employees that are hired for 90 days or more. Exemptions are granted by the Campus Controller. Employees are allowed to split their direct deposit between 3 different accounts. This form is sent to Payroll and Benefit Services. For further information please refer to University of Colorado's Administrative Policy Statement (Payroll - Mandatory Direct Deposit).
Acceptable Documents for the I-9 Form The University is required by federal law to verify each new employee's eligibility to work in the United States within three days of university employment. You must provide appropriate documentation to verify your eligibility. See the UCCS Employment Eligibility Procedures for more information. If you are an off-site employer, please refer to Off-Site Employees for instructions.
Emergency Contact Form The Emergency Contact Form contains the names, addresses, and telephone numbers of the people to contact in the event of an employee emergency.
Personal Information Worksheet This two page document contains personal information, such as contact information, date of birth and military status. Also referred to as the Personal Data Worksheet.
W-4 This form is sent to Payroll and Benefit Services and is not retained in the Human Resources office. If you need to reference this document we suggest you make a copy before arriving.
PERA Member Information Form For Classified Staff.
Faculty Oath For any employee who will be, or plans on teaching. This form must be notarized. Notaries are available in the University Center at the ENT Service Center located on the first floor.