Reporting Leave

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Responsibilities: Regular attendance and punctuality are an essential part of each position. Use your leave responsibly. Follow your department’s policy on requesting leave and reporting absences. Any leave should be requested as far in advance as possible by completing a State of Colorado Leave/Absence Request Authorization form. Your supervisor will determine the type of leave to be used. Unauthorized use of any leave may result in the denial of paid leave and/or corrective or disciplinary action.


Responsibilities: Each officer and/or administrator will be responsible for maintaining accurate and complete vacation and sick leave records for all classified and unclassified personnel within his/her department or unit. Departments must utilize an Employee Work Record form for record keeping and to verify leave benefits involved in termination, retirement or transfer. This form must accompany termination papers for payment of annual leave.

Time records, i.e., hours actually worked, must be maintained for a period of at least three years, and are maintained by individual departments. Federal law and campus policy require all work units, to maintain records that accurately reflect the daily and workweek hours actually worked, rounded to the nearest quarter hour, for all employees who are "non-exempt" under the Fair Labor Standards Act. There are a number of methods by which this record-keeping requirement can be met, for example, time clocks, or manual records maintained by the supervisors are acceptable. The format may also vary to suit the needs of the particular work unit. Departments are cautioned that failure to maintain required records may subject them to liability in the event of a dispute.

Recording Usage: Leave usage (vacation and sick leave) is entered in HRMS (PeopleSoft) Time Collection for hours used during the prior month by the Department Payroll Liaison. Usage can be recorded using the quarter hour calculation to be consistent with recording work and overtime hours. For example, if an employee is on vacation or sick leave from 2:00 p.m. until 3:08 p.m. you will round to the closest quarter hour and report 1.25 hours of usage. If an employee is on vacation or sick leave from 2:00 p.m. until 3:07 p.m., you will round to the closest quarter hour and report 1.00 hours of usage. Use this calculation when updating an employee’s work record, vacation and sick leave balances (off-line – departmental manual records; on-line – HRMS data entry). 

Recording Adjustments: Departmental manual leave balance records are considered the official record of an employees leave balance and departments should reconcile their paper records to the HRMS system on a periodic basis. If at any time leave balances shown in the HRMS system appear to be incorrect, they may be corrected through Time Collection. The department is responsible for making leave balance adjustments in HRMS using earnings code VAA for vacation balance adjustments, and SCA for sick hours balance adjustments. These adjustments can be entered in time collection as positive or negative, depending upon whether the system balances should be increased or decreased.
Note: When an employee is transferred to another department, unit, campus or state agency, the transferring department is responsible for providing the receiving department with a current and accurate copy of the employee’s internal work record in a timely manner.

Approval of Leave in HRMS: The Department Payroll Liaison completes the Leave Reporting Roster and submits the form to HR via e-mail in accordance with the Payroll Calendar Due Dates.



Employee Work Record - (Monthly) (Yearly) and (Biweekly - only for use by Temporary Hires)

Leave Record, Officers Exempt Professionals & 12 month Faculty

State of Colorado Leave/Absence Request and Authorization


Leave Reporting Roster (LRR)