Training - Job Specific

Program/Course Name

Human Resources Management System Training

(PeopleSoft - HRMS)

For more information, please see the Payroll and Benefit Services web site. This site includes information about training courses (online and instructor-led), training dates, training registration, and security access request forms.

Finance System Training

(PeopleSoft - Finance)

Instructional materials on how to use the PeopleSoft financial (procurement) and Procurement card systems:

Procurement Service Center website
Procurement Service Center training information
Search Committee Training
Contact Katie Simmons for further information.
Hazardous Materials Training
UCCS Policy 400-002 Hazardous Material Management requires that Faculty and Staff that handle chemicals must follow the requirements in the UCCS Chemical Management Plan. This plan has the initial and annual training requirements for those that handle chemicals on campus. There are two options for the training 1) complete the online segment on SkillSoft or 2) attend the chemical safety training class taught by Connie Pitman prior to the start of each fall semester.
Supervisors of Classified Staff
Please see Training for Supervisors of Classified Staff for further information.