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Policy/Procedure Name Information Corresponding Forms
Additional Pay Procedures Use this spreadsheet to determine the process and forms to use for additional pay.  
Administrative Leave For Emergency Closure When the Chancellor or designee decides to close campus, administrative leave is granted as outlined.  
Alternate Work Schedule, UCCS Policy 300-004   Alternate Work Schedule/Location Request/Agreement
Annual Performance Ratings for Exempt Professionals (Administrative Policy Statement)   Annual Performance Rating- Exempt Professionals

Plan and Evaluation Form for Exempt Professionals
Annual Performance Ratings for Faculty (Administrative Policy Statement)   Annual Performance Rating - Faculty
Appeals Procedure for Campus Professional Exempt, Policy 300-002 Addresses employee problems or concerns regarding University rules or regulations, working conditions, personnel practices, salary inequities, and the application of personnel policies.  
Background Check Policy, UCCS Policy 100-004 It is the policy of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs to comply with the University of Colorado system policy for background checks for security-sensitive positions and officers. Pages 7 & 8 of the Policy outline the positions that are subject to Background Checks. Background Check Form

Background Check Form - Sex Offender Only
Check-In Policy, UCCS Policy 300-013 This policy provides guidance pertaining to the in-processing of specific employees new to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. Check-In Form, New Employee
Check-Out Policy, UCCS Policy 300-014 Provides the process and procedures for employees separating from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. This policy applies to all employees except individuals hired as lecturers.
Classified Staff Compensation, UCCS Policy 300-001 Also see Compensation for Classified Staff, Technical Assistance from the Department of Personnel and Administration, and Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Basics. Employee Work Record (Yearly or Monthly)

UCCS Guide for In Range Movements and Discretionary Pay Differential

Change in Duties for Classified Staff
Classified Staff Hiring Process Also see The Search Process for Classified Staff page



Classified Staff Temporary Hire Process Also see The Search Process for Classified Staff page Checklist - Classified Staff Temporary Hire (Jobs at CU)

Checklist - Classified Staff Temporary Hire (Waiver)
Classified Staff Layoff Policy, UCCS 300-015 This policy establishes a requirement for the creation of a Classified Staff Layoff Matrix at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs.  
Communication - Principles of Principles of Communication Memo to all University employees from previous CU President Brown.  
Compensation for Classified Staff See "Classified Staff Compensation, UCCS Policy 300-001"  
Compensation for Officers and Exempt Professionals, UCCS Policy 300-012 The purpose of this policy is to establish the process for determining compensation for Officers and Exempt Professionals. Also refer to:

Compensation for Exempt Professionals

Regent Policy 2-K & 11-F
Memorandum of Understanding for Employees in Exempt Professional Positions

Additional Pay Pre-Approval Form (Freshman Seminar)
Compensation Principles for Faculty, UCCS Policy 300-016 Also refer to:

Compensation for Faculty

Regent Policy 2-K & 11-F
Additional Pay Pre-Approval Form (Faculty)

Additional Pay Form
Conflict of Interest and Nepotism, UCCS Policy 300-006 Also refer to the Conflict of Interest and Commitment Administrative Policy Statement and Conflict of Interest in Cases of Amorous Relationships Administrative Policy Statment. New employees must complete the Disclosure within 60 days of hire. Classified and University Staff are required to complete the Disclosure annually by March 31st. Faculty are required to complete the Disclosure annually by October 31st. For more information, please contact the Compliance Office. Conflict of Interest Disclosure
Discrimination & Harassment Policy Policy 300-017 describes how the university will respond to complaints of discrimination.  
Emergency Closure, Administrative Leave For See "Administrative Leave For Emergency Closure"  
Employee Partnerships Inclusion/Exclusion Appeal Process Also refer to the University Bulletin on Partnership Agreements and the State FAQ's.  
Evaluation of Endowed Chairs, Policy 200-003 The position of Endowed Chair/Distinguished Professor will be reviewed at least every five years. The following procedure shall be followed to conduct the review. In addition, further requirements are necessary for the evaluation of El Pomar Chairs.  
Faculty Compensation Refer to:

HR Compensation Principles for Faculty, UCCS Policy 300-016

Regent Policy 11-F & 2-K

Additional Pay Form

Additional Pay Pre-Approval Form

Application For Approval of Additional Renumeration
Faculty Emeritus Procedures Regent Law 9.B.2: "Any faculty member may be allowed, upon retirement and in accordance with the campus-defined process and approval by the chancellor, to retain his or her title with the description "emeritus/emerita."
Faculty Oath The Faculty Oath Form is required by C.R.S. 22-61-104 and must be completed by all teaching faculty.
Faculty Titles and Position Descriptions, Regent Policy 5-L    
FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) Family Medical Leave is a form of job protection that runs concurrently with all applicable forms of paid and unpaid leave. Family Medical Leave may be taken by eligible employees for the following medical reasons:
  • The addition of a child through birth, adoption, or foster care.
  • The serious health condition of the employee or an immediate family member.
  • To care for a servicemember (Current member of the Armed Forces, including Regular Armed Forces, National Guard, and Reserves) who becomes seriously injured or ill during active duty.
  • When a qualifying exigency arises out of the fact that the spouse, child or parent of the eligible employee is on active duty (or has been notified of an impending call or order to active duty) in the Reserves or National Guard in support of a contingency operation.
Contact HR for the applicable forms
Grievance Procedures - Classified Staff The University of Colorado Colorado Springs encourages employees to act to resolve disagreements or misunderstandings that may arise in the course of employment.  If it is not possible to resolve concerns through informal discussion among the individuals involved, the employee may pursue resolution through the appropriate process. Colorado State Personnel System Consolidated Appeal/Dispute Form
Grievance Procedures - Exempt Professionals (Appeals Procedure for Campus Professional Exempt Staff, UCCS Policy 300-002)  
Grievance Procedures - Faculty From the Faculty Handbook.  
Immigration Reform & Control Act - UCCS Policy 300-010 This policy is applicable to all employees of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. The University of Colorado Colorado Springs will comply with the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 which provides that it is illegal for employers to hire persons who are not authorized to work in the United States. Employers are required to verify the identity and eligibility for employment of all persons hired and to maintain documentation of employment verification. Please see the Employment Eligibility Procedures for UCCS. I-9 Form

Affirmation of Legal Work Status

Layoff Policy UCCS, Classified Staff 300-015
This policy establishes a requirement for the creation of a Classified Staff Layoff Matix at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. November 2011 Business Plan for Beth-El College of Nursing & Health Sciences
Leave Sharing Program for Campus Professional Exempt Staff, Officers & 12 Month-Faculty, UCCS Policy 300-007 This policy establishes a means for the transfer of annual leave to a qualifying employee experiencing a catastrophic medical hardship, either personally or by an immediate family member, in order to provide some income protection when the employee would be absent from work for a prolonged period of time and has exhausted all annual and sick leave. This transfer of annual leave may come from one of two sources: direct transfer from one employee or another, or withdrawal from a campus-wide leave bank. Also see the UCCS Leave Sharing Procedure. Leave Sharing Application Form

Leave Bank contribution Form
Leave Reporting Summary for employees and supervisors regarding leave policies and procedures  
New Employee Check-In Policy See "Check-In Policy"  
Off-Site Employment Eligibility Paperwork Procedures Also see the Notary Form for Off-Site Employees.  
Open Records Policy  
Opportunity Hire Program to Promote Faculty Diversity, UCCS Policy 300-008 The purpose of the Opportunity Hire Program is to increase the number of underrepresented faculty at UCCS. Engaging in ongoing recruitment activities and conducting searches that increase the number of faculty members from underrepresented groups is the responsibility of all Deans, Department Chairs, and Search Committees. This policy assists those efforts by providing temporary financial support that facilitates the employment of individuals who contribute to the diversity profile of UCCS faculty.


Performance Management Program for Classified Staff Evaluation Period is April 1st to March 31. Performance Management Program - Department Certification Form (Annual)

Performance Management Program - Department Certication Form (Mid-Year)

Performance Management Program - Dispute Form

Performance Management Program Planning and Evaulation Form
Post-Tenure Review, Administrative Policy Statement

Post-Tenure Review, UCCS Policy 200-016
  Faculty Professional Plan
Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure, UCCS Policy 200-001 This policy statement is intended to provide additional procedural guidance, consistent with the Regent Laws and CU policies, for the review process at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. This policy specifies the procedures for reviewing and recommending applicants at the primary unit level, the first level review, and second level review. Also see the Faculty Handbook. Vita Format

Review of Positions for Exemption From the State Personnel System, UCCS Policy 300-011 This policy addresses the issue of those positions within the University, as described within this Policy, that are eligible to be designated as exempt from the state personnel system. Pursuant to state law, the President of the University of Colorado has authority to determine which positions at the University are exempt from the state personnel system, and has designated the campus Chancellors to determine such exemptions within each campus. Also see: Regent Policy 2K & 11-F, Compensation for Officers and Exempt Professionals UCCS Policy 300-012, APS Performance Ratings for Faculty, Officers and Exempt Professionals, APS Delegation of Personnel Authority for Employees Exempt from the State Personnel System Exempt Professional Job Description
Sabbatical Policy, Regent Policy 5-A Also refer to the Faculty Handbook. Sabbatical Application

Sabbatical Report

Academic Calendar
Search Procedures - Classified Staff Links to the main search page. Also see: Search Procedures - The Streamlined UCCS Hiring Process and Jobs at CU  
Search Procedures - University Staff Links to the main search page.  
Search Procedures - Faculty Links to the main search page.  
Search Waiver Procedures - Faculty/Prof Exempt A Search Waiver is a request to -waive- the search process and to appoint an individual into an open position. Search waivers should be the exception and may be requested in those unique situations where a person has unique education/experience and there is there are extenuating circumstances that require the position to be filled immediately. EMAIL REQUEST TO FILL A FACULTY, PROFESSIONAL/EXEMPT This email must be sent to the following individuals/departments in this order: Dean/Director, Provost/Associate Vice Chancellor or Vice Chancellor (as appropriate), Sponsored Programs (if appropriate), Human Resources (hrinfo@uccs.edu).
Sexual Harassment Policy (Administrative Policy Statment) and Spanish Also see Sexual Harrasment Information and Resources.

UCCS's Discrimination & Officers: Julia Neville & Joanne McDevitt (x4324)
Keystone 3107
Substance Abuse UCCS prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, or use of a controlled substance, or of illicit drugs and alcohol, on university property or as part of any university activity, in compliance with the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act and the Drug-Free Workplace Act. This prohibition applies to all students and to all employees. Also see the Substance Abuse Policy for Colorado State Employees.  
Temporary Hire - Classified Staff See "Classified Staff Temporary Hire Process"  
Tenure Review It is standard practice for new tenure-track faculty to be hired on a three-year initial contract. Procedures require a comprehensive pre-tenure review. The following schedules will apply depending upon the years of credit granted. Note: it is important to do a careful analysis of a candidate's potential for success in an early review and to discuss alternatives with the candidate before proceeding.  
Tuition Benefit - Permanent Employees of UCCS Tuition can be waived for up to nine credit hours per acadmic year for permanent employees. Tuition benefits are managed by Payroll & Benefit Services.  
Tuition Benefit - UCCS Employee Attending PPCC Tuition can be waived for up to six undergraduate credit hours per academic year for permanent employees and up to three credits for those employed between 50% to 99% of a full appointment. The academic year begins with the summer term. Please see HR for the original form. Please contact Joanne Mosier in Admissions and Records with any questions.  
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