Employee Leave - Faculty

Also See: FMLA, Reporting Leave


Exempt Professionals and Faculty - The University provides vacation and sick leave for officers, exempt professionals, and 12-month faculty paid on a monthly compensation frequency in HRMS. Guidelines are provided in Regent Policy 11H and APS Vacation Policies for Unclassified Personnel. Faculty appointed on an academic year basis with a contract pay frequency do not accrue vacation and sick hours. However, they may be eligible for a sick leave benefit. For more information on faculty accrual eligibility, contact the chairperson or head of your department. In addition, employees and payroll liaisons may review faculty vacation and sick leave benefit eligibility, based on job code, on the PBS website in the section titled Eligibility Matrix. The following information is from Payroll and Benefit Service's Procedure on Vacation and Sick Leave:

Vacation Leave Accruals:

Full-time Apointment (100%)*
Maximum Accrual**
22 days per year (14.67 hours per month) 44 days (352 hours)

*If the employee’s appointment is less than full-time, the amount of vacation leave accrued is pro-rated based on the total number of hours worked each month.

**Some campus departments may have a reduced maximum accrual provision. Please check with your department chair, dean or director.

Sick Leave Accruals:

Full-time Apointment (100%)
Maximum Accrual
15 days per year (10 hours per month) No maximum accrual

Full-time employees who work or are on paid leave (approved usage of vacation or sick) for 100% of the month, receive 100% accrual for vacation and sick leave.  For employees who work or are on paid leave (approved usage of vacation or sick) less than a full month*, leave accrual is calculated by dividing the number of hours the employee worked or was on paid leave by total number of work hours in month.  (See FORMULA below.) 
*The total physical work time plus vacation and sick usage is less than 100% of time for the month.  These employees are considered to be part time, but they must be regular employees, not temporary employees.

Hours Worked (including paid leave) during the month
Divided by total number of work hours in month

EXAMPLE FOR APRIL 2004 (22 working days in the month):

140 Hours Worked
Divided by 176 total work hours in month (22 X 8)
= .795454 (pro-ration factor)

In this example, an employee whose vacation leave accrual rate is 14.67 hours would earn 11.67 hours vacation accrual for the month.  The same employee, whose sick leave accrual rate is 10 hours, would earn 7.95 hours sick leave accrual for the month.   (14.67 x .795454 = 11.67 hours vacation and
10 x .795454 = 7.95 hours sick leave.)