Search Waiver Process

UCCS is committed to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce. Occasionally, a search waiver may be granted to expedite the hiring of a new faculty or university staff candidate. A search waiver is a request to "waive" the search process and to appoint an individual into an open position. Search waivers are the exception and may be requested in those situations where a person has a unique combination of education and experience necessary for an open position and there are extenuating circumstances that require the position to be filled immediately. Other examples where a search waiver might be requested might include hiring a candidate from a recently conducted search or when the position would represent a promotional opportunity for a qualified internal candidate. If the position that you are filling falls into this narrow category, you may seek a search waiver as follows: 

  • Search Waiver Request - The Department completes the Search Waiver Request, including Dean/Director signature, and submits the waiver to HR for approval and processing through the Vice Chancellor (VC) and Chancellor. The VC will consult with the Chancellor for approval of the search waiver. When the Search Waiver Request has been signed by the Chancellor, a copy will be returned to the Department.
  • When the waiver has been with a PDF copy of the signed, completed Search Waiver Request attached to the email.
    • All new positions and positions which require a new compensation analysis are placed on the Leadership Team list for review each week. Submissions must be made by Wednesday at 3 PM for inclusion on the list for the following week's meeting. The department liaison will be notified by HR once a position is approved.
  • Job Description - Department loads job description into JobsatCU; sends for review/approval to HR (via JobsatCU). This step can be done right after the Request to Fill email is completed.
    • HR reviews job description in JobsatCU, conducts a compensation analysis, and sends back to department for final review and approval by Hiring Authority (via JobsatCU - JobsatCU sends an email to department liaison indicating job description is waiting for approval)
  • Job Posting - Department receives email from JobsatCU indicating job description has been approved; department liaison finalizes the job posting and sends to HR (via JobsatCU) to post.
    • HR posts job description.

Department notifies candidate to apply for the position and forwards the candidate the link to do so.

Department submits background check for the candidate.

Department edits JobsatCU with candidate information (recommended for hire).

Department emails Hrrecrut to close position in JobsatCU.

  • Letter of Offer - Department drafts letter of offer and sends to HR for review together with candidate's transcripts, verification of checked references, and CV/resume
    • HR routes letter for signature and returns letter to department liaison