Temporary Employees

State personnel board rules and university policy provide for temporary employment for work assignments that are short term in nature. A university temporary employee is an individual hired directly by a campus department who is paid through the university payroll system. University temporary positions may be filled without a formal recruitment or search process. Temporary employment on campus is limited to nine months.

Departments also have the option to hire temporary employees through a temporary agency. In those cases, the department must contact the temporary employment agency to request a worker. The temporary worker is paid by the agency and the university is billed by the agency. The university has contracts with several temporary employment agencies. Units who wish to use a temporary agency are required to use agencies that are approved by the Procurement Service Center.

Essential Steps:

Create a Job Description

Temporary positions require a brief Job Description, but they are not entered into Jobs at CU/PeopleAdmin. Use the Job Description template on the HR Forms page (and at the link above) and include the completed Job Description as an attachment to the Request to Fill email.

Request to Fill a Position

Post Job on Jobs at CU

Conduct Search

Close Posting on Jobs at CU and Hire Candidate