Classified Hiring Process - Encumbered Position (Reallocation)

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First Step Initial Steps:

Complete a new Position Description Questionaire (PDQ), send electronically to along with an Email Approval Document and a current department organizational chart. HR Consultants will meet as a panel to classify the position, and the appointing authority/supervisor will be notified of the decision.

Tools: PDQ Guidance, Class Descriptions & Minimum Qualifications, Classified Staff Compensation Plan, UCCS Classified Staff Compensation Policy (300 - 001)

Leadership Team Approval (Submitted by HR)

Second Step Exam Plan:

HR will work with the appointing authority to create an exam plan. State statutes require open and fair competitive examinations to measure specific job-related knowledge, skills, abilities, behaviors, and other competencies of qualified applicants. Examinations may include, but are not limited to, one or more of the following: written, performance, oral, panel assessment device, physical, training evaluations, experience evaluations, or performance evaluation ratings. If multiple components are used in an examination process, applicants may be required to pass one component before proceeding to the next component. 

Step Three Recruitment:

Encumbered positions that are reallocated are open to current employees of the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs who have acheived probationary or certified status in the State Personnel System, and meet the minimum requirements listed in the posting by the closing date of the announcement. All applicants who meet the minimum qualifications for a posted position are invited to participate in a fair and open competitive examination. To help ensure the selection of a qualified and competent workforce, applicants for employment in the State of Colorado personnel system are chosen based on merit. Statutes mandate that only those applicants who meet the minimum qualifications (MQs) for a posted position are eligible for employment. Minimum qualifications are the minimum class entry requirements – knowledge, skills, abilities, education and competencies – an applicant must have to be considered for a position.

Reallocations are posted on Jobs at CU for five business days.

The individual currently in the postion must submit a new application through Jobs at CU before the closing date.

Step Four Final Steps:

According to the State of Colorado Constitution’s “rule of three,” after completion of the competitive exam process, an appointing authority can only interview and make a final selection from the three highest ranking eligible candidates. All three must be interviewed. The department, not HR, is responsible for contacting the other two indiviuals who are not selected for hire.

Letter of Offer - Classified Staff - Reallocation - Must be compeleted by the department and approved by HR before signatures are obtained. While a signature line can be inserted for the Supervisor, the Appointing Authority must sign the letter. The original is sent to HR, while the employee and department keep a copy.

Background Check (Policy) and (Form) - If the employee selected for the reallocated position has not previously passed a background check with UCCS, he or she must have a background check completed.

Performance Management Program - Plan Form - A new plan must be established within the first 30 days.

Send the original, signed PDQ (Supervisor, Employee, Appointing Authority) to HR. The employee and department keep a copy.