Faculty & Student Research

Dr. tim Behrens
Timothy Behrens, Ph.D., CHES, FACSM

  1. Development of a mobile app to assess physical activity
  2. Evaluation of Keep It Moving! (KIM), an after school physical activity program sponsored by LiveWell Colorado Springs
  3. Exercise is Medicine, on Campus - an initiative started by the ACSM to increase physical activity on college campuses
  4. Multiple secondary analyses

Dr. Cheryl Kelly

Cheryl Kelly, Ph.D.

  1. Title: Improving built environment measurement in physical activity research with omnidirectional imagery (04/01/2011 - 03/31/2013)
    Funder: National Cancer Institute

    This project is in collaboration with Indiana University Purdue University at Indianapolis. The purpose of this project is to improve measurement of the built environment by examining the reliability of using publicly-accessible imagery to identify built environment characteristics in varying contexts and identify if both methods (field audits and imagery) reliably predict physical activity behavior, potentially providing preliminary validation evidence.
  2. Title: Evaluation of the Missouri Foundation for Health's Healthy and Active Communities (07/01/2008 - 06/30/2013)
    Funder: Missouri Foundation for Health

    This project is in collaboration with Washington University in St. Louis. The purpose of this project is twofold: 1) to increase 37 Missouri Foundation for Health grantees' capacity and skills to implement a successful evaluation of their intervention; and 2) to conduct a multi-site initiative evaluation (e.g., across all 37 communities).
  3. Title: Evaluating a natural experiment: Are children's overall activity levels higher after changes to the built environment of St. Louis City? (01/15/2010 - 06/30/2012)
    Funder: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    The purpose of this evaluation is to document changes in children's physical activity before and after changes to the built environment occurs. The Old North neighborhood is undergoing significant rehabilitation and revitalization, including development of a $35 million dollar mixed-use center, improvement of an existing park, creation of a trail that will connect this neighborhood with downtown St. Louis (approximately 2 miles from downtown) and enhanced streetscapes (e.g. wide sidewalks, crosswalks). The study uses a quasi-experimental design to track changes in children's physical activity before and after the built environment changes in the Old North neighborhood compared to a nearby neighborhood using accelerometers and survey data.

Dr. Mary Ann Kluge

Mary Ann Kluge, Ph.D.

  1. Senior Sports Development Project (or, Senior Games): A healthy aging initiative that promotes education and research enabling seniors to start or continue athletic competition
  2. YMCA -- Active Older Adults Fitness Programming
  3. Capable Communication via Camera Clues and Cues (C5) Project: Technology-enhanced teaching and learning of therapeutic communication skills using iView© (Inter-Active View)


Student Research

  1. Smart E-motion Rotating Chair Study
    Presented by Mary Ann Kluge, Edward Chow, Jessica Hildebrand, Francisco Torres-Reyes, Christy Grissom & Michelle LeCompte
  2. The Relationship of Falls Incidence and Falls Efficacy on Activity Class Participation at a CRCC
    Presented by Snook, A.R., Kluge, M.A., Silva-Smith, A., & LeCompte, M.
  3. The Experience of Let's Keep Moving: Giving Voice to Dancers of the Third Age
    Presented by Kluge, M.A., LeCompte, M., & Willis, B.
  4. Renaming, Reframing, Recovery, & Resilience: How interviews may help us understand how seniors perceive themselves after a fall
    Presented by LeCompte, M., Kluge M.A., & Snook, A.
  5. Aerobic Exercise and Older Adults
    Presented by Zanobia Bobb and Mary Ann Kluge
  6. Staying upright at eighty: Results of a fall prevention intervention at the Palisades at Broadmoor Park
    Presented by Kluge, M.A., Scully, M., Martinez, R., & Van Zytveld, C.

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