Health Promotion Lab Crew 2012
Becky Lauersdorf, Maureen Sagan Cortes, Dr. Cheryl Kelly, Rachel Cline, Dr. Tim Behrens, Dr. Mary Ann Kluge, Tanya Pater, Michelle LeCompte, Jeff Bakke

Researchers in the Health Promotion Lab examine various aspects of healthy eating and active living through research projects involving physical activity/sedentary measurement, physical functioning in older adults, community-based physical activity and healthy eating interventions, examination of how the built environment effects healthy eating and active living, and other collaborative work with community partners. The lab is an active work space, equipped with various testing equipment and measurement tools.

Students have the opportunity to work under the direction of Dr. Behrens, Dr. Kelly and/or Dr. Kluge on projects. Interested students should e-mail the lab at .

Last updated May 7, 2012